Covid – 1 Jen -0

Yes, I tested positive for Covid.

Talk about an eye opener.

I immediately felt guilt and thought how could I get this virus when I had been so safe?

Then, I immediately felt mad because I knew that I would cause my girls to miss out on so many things being quarantined.  Elizabeth had a fun World Diabetes Day planned with friends and Emily had a Friendsgiving celebration she had been looking forward to for days! I hate that I was the cause of them missing school, cheer, and things with family and friends.

But morally, I knew I had to test.  I work around students every day who live with immune compromised people.  I live with an immune comprised kid myself.

I went to bed last Sunday night with a headache.  I woke up Monday morning feeling fine, and went and took a big test that I had scheduled for months.  I rewarded myself after the test with a Dairy Queen blizzard and couldn’t taste it one bit.  I instantly knew and went and tested.

My only symptom the first few days were no smell or taste.  Around day 5, I was very tired, had extreme brain fog, and my heart was racing like crazy.  I never ran a fever and didn’t have any congestion at all.  I am thankful my symptoms were mild because I know so many aren’t as fortunate.

I am finally feeling much better and on the mend. 

I miss my family.
I miss my coworkers.
I miss my students.

Thank you to everyone that has dropped of food and goodies on our porch.  It is so appreciated.  If y’all know people in quarantine, reach out to them.  Send them a nice text.  It makes the world of difference!

I encourage everyone that is feeling sick to test and quarantine to help stop the spread of this virus.  Does it suck to isolate yourself and make your family quarantine?  Absolutely!  But it’s a small price to pay to keep people you know and love safe. 

Let’s stop treating Covid like it’s the plague.  No matter how careful you are, it’s still a virus and can find it’s way into your home. 

And if you do anything for me, wear your mask!

Hope you all stay healthy. Please pray no one else in my family gets it, especially my Lizzie!

14 thoughts on “Covid – 1 Jen -0

  1. Ohhhh, I’m SO sorry you were sick!!!! Thankful Liz didn’t get it and glad to hear you only had mild symptoms. I just got off quarantine last Monday… I was exposed to someone that had it but I didn’t end up with it, and like you said, it’s not the most fun to be shut in for 14 days, but we know it’s best. Glad you are feeling better, friend. Stay safe!!

  2. I’m sorry to hear you got it. I think we’re all at risk if we are around other people at all. There’s no way to be completely careful. Hopefully you’ll continue to feel better!

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