Valentine’s Day Questionnaire

Hi, friends!

I know I said I’d try to blog more regularly but man, has life been crazy!

Our volleyball season has started so we have been practicing every night until 5:30. It’s been a bit of an adjustment getting home later, but I love coaching volleyball!

This year Lizzie made the 7th grade team, so it’s even more special being able to coach her!

With Valentine’s Day being tomorrow, I thought I’d do a fun little questionnaire that I’ve seen floating around social media about me and Chris.

•How you met:
In high school through mutual friends
•First date:
Went fishing one day after school on a double date with my best friend and her boyfriend
•How many years together:
In May we will celebrate 20 years of being together. Married 16 years in June.
•Age difference:
He is 1 year older
•Who was interested first:
•Who is taller:
Him by about an inch
•Who said I love you first:
He did. I was always taught the boy should say it first and girls should play hard to get! HA
•Most impatient:
• Most sensitive:
We are both pretty chill
•Most stubborn:
Definitely me!
•Falls asleep first:
Him. He’s such an old man!
•Best Cook:
I’d say Chris is a better cook than me but I cook more often
•Better morning person:
Me! I wake up and teach with VIPKID every morning.
•Best driver:
Both of us have totaled our vehicles within the last year so I’m going to say neither
•Most competitive:
Definitely Chris- have you ever played ping pong against him?!? I’m right behind him, though!
•Spends more money:
Chris during hunting and fishing season; me all the other times
•How many children do you want?
2- we are so blessed with our girls
•Who makes more of a mess:
I’d say me since I “do” more
•Who cleans the house more:
Definitely me!
•Who works more :
We both work hard with teaching and coaching and a side job.
•Favorite thing to do together:
Go to the river, watch our girls in their activities, take trips together!
Share a picture:

I’m so thankful for Chris! He is my whole world.

The girls have their MS winter dance tonight so be checking my IG for pics of them!

Hope your Thursday is great!


8 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Questionnaire

  1. I’ve missed your blogging, but I know you must be so busy. Can’t wait to see the dance pictures. I might snag this questionnaire for my blog too. Have a great weekend!

  2. Such a fun little post! I’ve missed your posts lately, but I so know that volleyball practice life all too well. Happy Valentine’s Day to one of my favorite couples!

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