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Thursday’s Three

Welcome to “Thursday’s Three”! In these posts, I will give you three things that I am loving this week. I’ll include things I am reading, using, laughing about, and more!  So, let’s get started:


These earrings- I have been drooling over these earrings since I saw them at Nordstrom this summer.  Around the first of October they went on sale online and were 40% off!  Chris told me to go ahead and buy them because he knew I had been wanting them for so long.  Well, I never did pull the trigger because I am so cheap and always think of what else I can buy for the girls or save that money for Christmas.  Anyways, one day after school, I came home and these earrings were laying on my bathroom counter with a sweet note from Christopher!  He truly does spoil me rotten! I think I have worn them every day since because they go with every outfit!41vfyefd-hl



This song- I have always been a huge fan of praise and worship music.  Hillsong United is one of my favorite groups.  They just released this new song (What a Beautiful Name) last week and I’m in love!  I have it on repeat on my phone and can’t get enough of it!  I still can’t listen to the whole song without crying, either!




Candy Corn M&M’s!  This is my absolute favorite candy this time of the year.  You can find a bag of these in my classroom, in our candy dish, in our snack bowl, and on my bedside table.  I am obsessed!  So yummy and addicting, I’m not even going to look at the calories!

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