Summertime Fun Questionnaire

Hi, friends!  Did anyone else catch the Espy’s last night?  Elizabeth was SO excited that Simone Biles won Female Athlete of the Year.  I also cried when they gave the Pat Tillman Service award out.  Chris says I am the only human being that cries watching the Espy’s!

I have so many new followers on my blog that I thought it would be neat to link up with The Blended Blog today with some questions and answers!  Just a fun little way to get to know me better.


1.  Favorite animal?– I would have to say giraffe.  Being 6′ tall, I relate with them.

2.  Wine or Beer? Neither- I don’t drink!

3.  Socks on/off while sleeping?  Off.  I actually hate wearing socks!    I go barefoot around the house most of the time.

4.  One piece or two piece swimsuit?  Two piece.  I hate one pieces because of going to the bathroom and having to take the whole thing off!

5.  Cooking at home or eating out?  Cooking at home, definitely.  I cook every night of the week except for Saturdays.  On Saturdays we eat leftovers or whatever else that can be found in the fridge.  Eating out is nice on occasion, but a total waste of money in my opinion.

6.  Pepsi or Coke?  Dr. Pepper!  If I had to choose between Pepsi or Coke, I would say Pepsi.

7.  Regular or electric toothbrush?  Regular toothbrush.

8.  Candy or chocolate?  Both!  I love it all!  Skittles are my weakness with candy and Milky Ways are where it’s at with chocolate!

9.  Coffee or Tea?  Neither!  I can’t stand the taste of them both.  I will try to look cool in the mornings at school with my big ole’ travel coffee mug, but it’s really full of Dr. Pepper!  HA!

10.  Music or talk radio?  Music.  I HATE riding with Chris because he likes talk radio and I can’t stand it.

11.  Chick Flick, Action Movie, or Documentary?  Chick Flick, all the way.  I’m a die-hard Nicholas Sparks fan.

12.  Regular or mechanical pencil?  Mechanical pencil.  So much easier than having to sharpen the regular pencil every few minutes.

13.  Swimming or laying out?  A good mixture of both.  I love, love, love swimming with my girls and usually always play in the pool with them for most of the time.  However, I like to get my tan on and lay out on a raft also.

14.  Dog or cat?  Dog.  Especially our sweet dog, Happy Sunshine.

15.  What do you drive?  SUV, Van, or Sedan?  SUV.  White Chevy Traverse.

16.  Early bird catches the worm or night owl?  Early bird catches the worm.  In the summer, my sleep schedule is all messed up, but for the most part I like to wake up early.

17.  If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?  French Fries!

18.  While sleeping:  phone in room by your side or phone in another room?  In my room on my nightstand.  I use it as my alarm clock.

19.  Singing in the shower, yes or no?  DUH!  Who doesn’t sing in the shower?  This week I have been belting out Gold City or The Cathedrals.  I love southern gospel music and know almost every song.  You can thank my Uncle Jake for that one!

20.  Oreo cookies:  eat whole, take apart, and/or dunk in milk?  Dunk the whole Oreo into milk until it’s pretty soggy and then eat.

Thanks for letting me share a little more about me today!  By day, I am an 8th grade Algebra teacher, and by night I am wife to Chris and mom to Elizabeth and Emily.  I am so blessed!

Today I am headed to Doniphan to take Happy to my mom so she can watch her while we are in Florida.  I also have to pack us all up for the beach and finish my homework so I don’t think about it while on vacation.  Hope I can get it all done!

Tomorrow I’ll be back for my Friday Favorites, but then it is vacation time!  Can’t wait.  Have a great day!


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  1. I am with you on the french fries! I love Dr. Pepper too but am trying to cut back ha. I can get by since I drink coffee! Loved getting to know you better! xoxo ERIN

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