Meet Emily

Oh, Emily!?!? There is so much to say about her.  She is the baby of our family and turned 13 in May.  She is definitely our care free and wild child!  She is a great mixture of both me and Chris in looks, but acts like her momma.

We almost lost Emily when she was born and she spent the first 3 weeks of her life in the NICU, so we call her our miracle baby.  Doctors told us the first few nights they didn’t even know if she would make it through the night, BUT our God is amazing and here she is 13 years later~ THRIVING!

Since Emily has always been a fighter and strong willed, she definitely keeps us on our toes. She marches to the beat of her own drum and lives in her own little world.  Emily is very blunt and will say exactly what she is thinking.  Most of the time this is a great quality, but sometimes it is embarrassing for this momma!  Especially the time she yelled very loudly in a hotel pool and wondered why that fat man had such hairy booms (boobs)!

Emily is more of our social butterfly and isn’t too interested in school work.  She does struggle with dyslexia, so sometimes she gets defeated and lacks self confidence.  This is something we are working on!  When I get discouraged because she has trouble, I quickly remember back to the doctor telling us she probably would have severe brain damage if she does live, so I praise God that a C on a test is what we are struggling with!

Emily loves to watch YouTube Kids.  She could sit and watch toy reviews over and over and over.  She also loves to come up with weird creations, play Legos, and can sing beautifully!

Here are some questions I asked Emily so you can get to know her better:

What is your favorite color?    teal

What is your favorite TV show?   Liv and Maddie

What is your favorite thing to eat?    chicken nuggets and popcorn shrimp

What is your favorite animal?       Happy

What is your favorite song right now?    Lost Boy by Ruth B.

Who is your best friend?   Blair

What do you want to be when you grow up?   Vet