Back to School Bash

Chris and I are back to school today! What a fast but long summer break!

Monday we had our annual Back to School Bash for the girls and their friends.

I look forward to throwing this party every year!

We always do a swimming party and then have some kind of theme to make it fun. In the past we’ve had themes such as: carnival, tacos, ice cream bar, water palooza, etc.

This year I surprised the girls and rented a GIANT inflatable water slide.  It was 22′ high and 36′ feet long.  It was a huge hit by all!

We also had corn hole, volleyball, and of course, swimming.

I am so thankful for such a great group of friends my girls have.  I hope they all have the best school year EVER!

Hope y’all have a great Wednesday!

4 thoughts on “Back to School Bash

  1. That looks so fun! My boys have a friend that rents one of these giant waterslides each year for his birthday and they always have the best time at his party.

  2. You are such an AWESOME mom!!!!! What a great tradition! Do you do this alone or do some of the other moms stay and hang out? Love it!

    1. One of my favorite traditions. This year I waited too long to plan it and everyone was back to work already, so no one stayed. In the years past, I’ve had a few moms stay and hang out with me during it.

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