Meet and Greet Tuesday

Meet and Greet Tuesday

Happy, Tuesday!

I am a little sad this morning because it’s my last day of freedom.  BUT, we are all headed to the river and then it’s hair day later this afternoon, so I know I will have a great day!

Today, I had the pleasure to interview Johannah from The Sirois Family blog.  She is the one that graciously handed the reins over to me for Meet and Greet Tuesday.

Here is what she had to say:

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Hey Everyone! My name is Johannah, and I blog over at The Sirois Family. I’m wife to Brian, and Mom to two girls, Emma and Alyx. Emma is 13 and Alyx is 6. Brian and I have been married for 13 years this past June. We live in Maine and both work in public safety. Brian has been a police officer for about 18 years and I have been a Dispatcher for the County we live in for almost 17 years. And we are all die hard Boston Red Sox fans =)

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How long have you been blogging and what inspired you to start blogging?
I started blogging in April of 2011. I was looking around one day on the internet and I came across a blog, Ashley from Ashley’s Avenue, do any of you remember her? I loved her blog and loved following along with her and her family. I was a reader of hers for a long time, and then one day I was like “Hey I think I can do this too!” So I started this little ol’ space of mine.
How did you come up with the name of your blog?
It’s not the least bit creative at all! I just used our last name. I have thought many times of changing it, but I have never been able to come up with anything creative. Ha!
Of all your posts you have written, which is your favorite and why?

Hmm. This is a hard one. I would probably say my post about Alyx’s birth. I hadn’t started blogging yet when Emma was born in 2006 so I don’t have one written about her. But I do love to go back and read about Alyx’s birth. I wrote it pretty soon after having her, so it was all still really fresh in my mind. You can find that post here.

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You need some encouragement.  Who is your go to person for a little pick me up?

Most definitely my mom and of course Brian.

I talk to my mom multiple times a day. Is anyone else like that? I have always been so thankful for the relationship she and I have.

You have friends coming over to dinner tomorrow night.  What are you going to make for a meal?

If it’s summertime, we’re going to grill out. Chicken kabobs on the grill and pasta salad.

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What is your favorite dessert recipe?
I have so many favorite dessert recipes, but one is my moms Whoopie Pie’s. They are so so good. I’ve been told that Whoopie Pies are a New England thing. Anyone have them where they live?
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I actually have a blog post coming up soon with the recipe, so stay tuned for it!!
You are planning an evening out.  What’s your favorite go-to restaurant for a fun time?
We love Kobe Ninja restaurant when we’re with a group of friends. The atmosphere is always really fun. If it’s just myself and Brian, we love to go to Sushi restaurant’s or somewhere for wings and beer. We have a great restaurant near us named Geaghans, and they make the best wings ever!
If you could have a weekend away, just you and your husband, where would you go?
Probably somewhere along the coast of Maine…in the summer! Maine winters are brutal, but the summers are gorgeous. We love this little hotel in Rockport, which is along the coast. The views are amazing.
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What are some pet peeves of yours, and why?
Snoring is undoubtedly my biggest pet peeve. The sound of it literally makes me insane. Ha!
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What’s your go to type of music?

Country music all day every day. I love anything from today’s country to 80’s and 90’s country =)

What’s your idea of the perfect family day?  

A day spent exploring somewhere here in Maine. Whether it be the beach, a park, or the mountains. And we really really love spending time at camp on the water.

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Has living through a pandemic taught you anything?
Absolutely! This time we are currently living in is without a doubt a crazy time in all of our lives right now. There is so much uncertainty in this world. I think living through this pandemic has brought us all so much closer. We have stayed home a lot more and have spent hours upon hours at the lake soaking in every bit of summer. I’m not really sure what fall is going to look like, but we are here for it.
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Favorite Scripture verse and why?  
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Right now being the wife of a police officer is incredibly difficult. And it’s even more difficult to be a police officer, especially when it feels like the entire world is against Law Enforcement.
Favorite book you have ever read?
This is a hard one! I don’t read a ton, but I would probably have to say anything by Elin Hilderbrand. I love a good love story!
Best advice you would give to a new blogger?
Be yourself. Don’t try to be someone else. This blogging world can be so fun, and the friendships that can come out of this little space is amazing!!
Thank you Jen for asking me to be a part of this! It was fun!!
My pleasure!  Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions.
Have a great day!

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  1. I just love following Johannah’s blog and can’t wait for that whoopie pie recipe. I think I speak for the silent majority in the country that strongly back the blue and thank them for their service!

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