Florida Vacation- Day 4-6

Good morning!

Thanks for all the sweet messages and words of encouragement to me and Chris about our new foster baby.  We are adjusting well and she is an absolute delight.

Today I am going to continue to share with you all about our Florida vacation.

Day 4

Monday morning when we woke up it was raining again.    We looked at the radar and knew it was going to be a quick rain shower, so we were lazy and took our time getting ready for the day.  When we were ready we hit up a different souvenir shop to look for my nephews something.

IMG 2263

While we were shopping, Emily thought it was cool that her and Elizabeth’s names were on a souvenir candle right beside each other.  She insisted I take a picture of it.

IMG 2264

IMG 2266

IMG 2268

After the rain cleared out, we headed to the beach!  We are beach bums and love spending our time just enjoying swimming in the ocean and playing in the sand.

IMG 2272

IMG 2273

IMG 2274

IMG 2276

IMG 2277

IMG 2281

IMG 2288

IMG 2290

IMG 2293

IMG 2294

IMG 2297

IMG 2306

IMG 2318

IMG 2323

IMG 2327

We only went up to our condo one time on this day to eat lupper {lunch and supper combo}.  It was a beautiful beach day and we wanted to soak every minute up!

After we ate we headed right back to the beach for the evening.  Nana and Papa joined us down there for some fun and to walk along the beach.

IMG 2328

IMG 2329

IMG 2331

IMG 2342

IMG 2344

IMG 2358

IMG 2360

IMG 2361

IMG 2363

IMG 2367

We once again ended the evening at Tommy’s SnoBalls!  This night was special because Papa bought both girls a new Tommy t-shirt and Tommy himself signed their shirt!  They were OVER the moon excited!  Tommy is like a celebrity in our household.  When we got in the car, Emily said she should’ve asked to take a selfie with him but didn’t have her iPod with her.  It was cute!

IMG 2368

IMG 2369

IMG 2370

IMG 2372

IMG 2373

And no beach evening is complete without crab hunting!  You all will figure out we probably do the same thing every day that most beach vacationers do!

IMG 2374

Day 5

Tuesday morning it was finally great weather so we headed straight down to the beach!

IMG 2375

IMG 2376

IMG 2379

IMG 2381

IMG 2382

We had only been on the beach for a few hours when you hear the whistles blowing and see everyone running out of the water!  The lifeguards came driving in their four-wheelers telling everyone to get out of the water because there was a shark by the pier and headed towards the beach.  Later after talking with another couple, we learned that it was an 8′ hammerhead shark!

Needless to say, we were a little leery to get back into the water and our beach day was cut short.

We ate lunch in the condo and then Chris and his dad headed out for their four hour fishing trip.  The girls and I rested for a while, but then decided to go shopping and look for a new back to school outfit.  We didn’t have any luck finding outfits, but Emily did talk me into taking her to a book store and she bought a Wreck This Journal!  She has been wanting one forever and who knew they were so popular!

IMG 2384

We got back to the condo about the same time Chris and his dad did.  They had a great afternoon fishing together.  They caught almost every kind of salt water fish that there was to catch.  I’m glad they were able to experience that together.

IMG 2421

IMG 2422

IMG 2458

Everyone cleaned up and then we headed to Destin to eat supper at McGuire’s Irish Pub.  We have always wanted to eat at one while in Florida, but just never had.  We made it a priority that night to wait and eat supper there.

It was about an hour and a half wait, so the girls got their hair wrapped while we were waiting on our table.  They each got to pick their own colors and design they wanted on it.  I’m anxious to see how long they will stay in.  The lady that did the hair wraps said that I could unravel them at any time, so we will see.  I think they look like true Florida girls with their cool hair wraps!

IMG 2386

IMG 2388

IMG 2389

IMG 2390

IMG 2391

IMG 2393

IMG 2394

Eating at McGuire’s was a wonderful experience!  The girls couldn’t get over the fact that there were all those $1 bills all over the place.  They were excited to add their own dollar to the mix.  Also, if you ever go there, get some of their Boxtys!  They are EXCELLENT!

IMG 2396

IMG 2397

IMG 2399

IMG 2400

Day 6

Wednesday Nana and Papa left to head back to MO and they left a sweet surprise for the girls on the table:  MORE souvenir money!

IMG 2401

We let the girls sleep in a little bit since we didn’t get back from McGuire’s the night before until really late.

After they woke up, we headed to the beach.  We seriously spent over 6 hours on the beach that day!  It was wonderful.  I love sitting beside Chris and watching our girls play in the ocean and have fun.  Memories I will cherish forever.

IMG 2403

IMG 2408

IMG 2411

IMG 2413

IMG 2415

We ate supper at Chick-Fil-A and then had a little photo shoot by the palm trees in front of our condo.

IMG 2419

IMG 2420

IMG 2423

IMG 2425

After those pictures we went and walked along the beach and took more pictures.  The girls were in a picture taking mood so I took advantage of it!

IMG 2427

IMG 2429

IMG 2431

IMG 2433

IMG 2436

IMG 2437

IMG 2440

IMG 2441

After we walked along the beach, we decided to walk on the Navarre Fishing Pier.  It is 1,545 feet long and sits 30 feet above the water.  The girls love to walk on it right before it gets dark and see all the fishermen.  This year we got a special treat because we saw about 4 or 5 sea turtles swimming right below the pier.  It was really neat to sit and watch them!

IMG 2450

IMG 2451

IMG 2453

We ended the evening with Tommy’s and crab hunting.  While we were at Tommy’s Snoballs we saw Emily’s 3rd grade teacher from Dexter!  We were staying in the exact same condo as them.  It was really cool to see someone from your hometown so far away.  Also, we caught another “KING” crab as Emily calls it when we were hunting that night.

IMG 2457

IMG 2459

Hope you all have a great Thursday!  Tomorrow I will be here to share my Friday Favorites.


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  1. I LOVE all of your pictures! I also love the term “lupper” I am totally stealing this and using it. We love “lupper” on weekends and even right now. I am ordering Maddi that journal right now for Christmas! I had never heard of it, but how cool! It looks like you all had a great time!

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