Easter Break 2019

It’s back to reality today after having a few days off from school.

But, I only work 3 days this week and then I am headed to the Bahamas! Can’t wait!

We had a great Easter break and I’m thankful for the time together.

Thursday night it started with us hosting Emily’s volleyball team at our house for a sleepover to celebrate their season ending.

They had a great time together and were great guests. I think they finally went to bed around 4:00 a.m.!

Friday I didn’t take one picture, but I cleaned the house after all the girls left and then we went to PB that evening and went out to eat with my mom and sister’s family.

After supper, we all went and saw the new Breakthrough movie. It was EXCELLENT!

Saturday we headed out to go on a family adventure. We drove 1.5 hours away to go to Inspiration Point, only to get there and the road was closed due to flooding!!! (Maybe next time)

We were close to Chris’s mom and dad’s house so we stopped and saw them.

They actually ended up taking the girls shopping for Easter so Chris and I had the whole afternoon/evening together. (They took them to St. Louis to the Apple store)

It was an unexpected nice surprise to have that time together.

We rode four wheelers, went out to eat, and then took his dad’s Mustang out for ice cream. It was a great date!

Easter Sunday was a beautiful day!

The Easter bunny showed up for the girls, but couldn’t locate their baskets anywhere…

We headed to Doniphan to go to church with my mom and Nini. She had asked us to go with her because her church was having a special speaker and service in the HS gym. It was a great sermon and church service. I was glad we could be there with mom.

Sunday afternoon we went to my dad’s side of the family. There were 32 of us there! It was so good to see some cousins I haven’t seen in a while.

Here is my grandma and grandpa Helms with their great-grandkids: (Missing Eli and Ryan)

And here they are with their grandkids~ we were missing Jasen, Seth, and Shaina.

And a group shot! This was the best one out of multiple tries. When you have that many people, it’s hard to get a perfect shot. Love my family, but miss my dad SO much!

Monday was a day of playing outside, doing yard work, catching up on the laundry, and getting groceries. I was so thankful for that extra day off!

Leaving you with our #selfieSunday! I pray you have a blessed week!

6 thoughts on “Easter Break 2019

  1. What a wonderful long weekend! I think getting a huge group shot is next to impossible to get everyone looking and smiling and “picture perfect!” How wonderful to have so many of you together on one day though.

  2. Yay for your cruise coming up so soon!!! Happy Easter to you and your family, Jen. It looks like it was pretty special.

  3. So much fun!! I wish we had gotten Monday off as well, but we only have a few more weeks left..all the praise hands! Also, our admins have given us several extra days off in May, so I can’t complain too much!!

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