Christmas 2018

Another Christmas is in the books. Man, did it go fast!

We had such a wonderful Christmas this year and are truly blessed people!

Going to try to recap it all, so stay with me. 🙂

Christmas Eve we always go to my Nini’s house. This year everyone was able to be there at the same time! It was great. We ate way too much food, played games, and opened gifts.

My sister had my Nini make all of us pillows from dad’s old shirts. What a great gift I will treasure forever!

Since everyone was there, I was able to get a big group shot of us. I will show all the different pictures. We make some progression and “kind of” get a good one. It’s hard with that many people to get everyone looking and eyes open at the same time.

My Nini with all 7 grandkids:

And Nini with great grandkids:

Nini with her 3 kids (my mom and uncles):

My mom with me and my sister:

My mom with her grandkids:

And mom with all of us: (man, I miss my dad!)

And we tried to get a good picture of us four, but Chris was the one not cooperating!

Here I am telling him he better straighten up:

And then finally a good picture:

When we came home Christmas Eve we laid out our cookies and milk for Santa and got to touch Sparkle, our elf, since she was riding with Santa and didn’t need her magic.

And had a photo shoot with the dogs:

Christmas morning, Santa came!!

The girls were so excited and had a great morning!

This sign fits Chris perfectly:

Next it was time to head to Chris’s mom and dad’s house.

The girls are the only grandkids there and “might” be a little spoiled. LOL

We were so thankful this year that both of Chris’s grandmas were able to come down and be with us at Christmas.

The girls with Gran:

With Grandma Joyce:

With Nana and Papa:

Chris with his mom and dad:

And me added in there:

Lequeeta with her mom and Chris:

And the girls:

James with his mom and Chris:

Lequeeta and James; I’m so thankful for them!

Thank you, Lord, for your many blessings.

I hope you and your family had a great Christmas also.


6 thoughts on “Christmas 2018

  1. That looks like a very merry Christmas indeed. Love all the group shots! It is tough to get so many people in one photo at a time.

  2. Awe, how sweet to have a pillow made from your dad’s shirts!!!! Oh my goodness! And, Jen, I can’t imagine how hard it is not to have your dad here anymore. I honestly don’t know how that feels, but I teared up seeing the picture of all of you with your mom and reading your comment about wishing your dad were here.

    My daughter got a new comforter too; she was so excited about it. 🙂

    Scrunchies!!! I should get my girls some; totally takes me back!

    It looks like you had the sweetest Christmas, spending time with so many loved ones. That makes me so happy for you guys.

    Love you friend.

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