10 on the 10th

10 on the 10th

Happy Monday, friends!

I hope you had a great weekend!

Today I’m linking up with my good friend, Erin, and blogging about my top 10 favorite pictures of 2018.

It was SO hard to choose just 10, but I think I finally have it narrowed down!


First up is this picture of Chris and Elizabeth from her 5th grade daddy/daughter dance. Every time I look at it, it melts my heart!


This was my first year coaching volleyball and I had the BEST season with the head coach, Kacey. We got along well and I learned a lot from her! I love this picture of me and her enjoying a milkshake after a long night of volleyball games.


Chris and Emily surprised me and Liz at her last cheer competition of the season this year. He knew this would be her last one because she wasn’t competing anymore and they couldn’t come up the night before because of a previous commitment. So they got up early and drove up the day of the competition. We were so surprised!


This picture of me with my mom and sister (and kids) is a favorite because of all the fun memories that goes with it! This was a great trip.


This is my all time favorite picture of Chris! He’s at his favorite place, doing his favorite thing.


I love summer time with my family and all of our adventures we go on. This picture is my favorite from all the Adventure Tuesdays from this summer.


We celebrated dad being gone for 1 year in June and this picture of all of us at his grave is definitely a favorite. I miss him so much every day!


Me and my sister taking my girls to a Taylor Swift concert was a MAJOR favorite thing this year. I love this picture of me and Julie!


The scenery in this picture makes it one of my favorite of the girls. The mountains were so beautiful and the girls aren’t too bad either!


This #selfieSunday is my favorite from this year! It shows real life with two dogs.

Next year, I am going to have the honor of keeping the 10 on the 10th link up party going!

Look in the next few weeks for info on it. I’m so excited!

Have a great day!


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