Want, Need, Wear, Read

Have you heard of the gifting idea of want, need, wear, and read?

I thought it would be fun today to share my Christmas wish list with you! So many times the mommas get left out.


I want a new pair of diamond earrings this year. I used to have a pair that Chris got me when we first started dating and ever since our last move, I can’t find them!


I need a new set of cookie sheets. Mine are looking really old and gross! I’ve heard great reviews about these cookie sheets and want to try them.


I am a huge UGG boot fan and would love a new pair to wear this year. I want a brown pair like these that I can wear every day with any outfit.


I want this book to read for the new year. Liz does great at managing her diabetes, but I still want to know more information.

Do you have a set amount of gifts you give each other at Christmas? What do you want, need, wear, and read this Christmas?

Have a great day! Tomorrow I’ll be back with TONS of pictures and videos from Liz’s birthday party this weekend!


8 thoughts on “Want, Need, Wear, Read

  1. Diamond earrings would be a sweet gift. Do you have a pair picked out?

    My cookie sheets are so gross looking too, haha! Why can’t they stay looking like new forever?!

    I haven’t seen that diabetes book. Will have to look it up.

    I have a wish list going too. I have been trying to work it into a blog post since before Blogmas started but still haven’t gotten to it.

    Happy Tuesday, friend.

  2. I absolutely love the idea of want, need, wear and read. My mother in law tends to go all out on gifts for all the grand-kids. She has 6 grandchildren, and my brother in law is dating a girl with 3 kids. So technically she has 9 grandchildren, and the amount she buys all of them is insane. I brought this idea up to her this year because really the kids don’t need everything she buys. I hope she went with it!!!

    1. My girls are the only grandkids Chris’s parents have, so they do go overboard too. I love this idea for gifting. I know at their age it’s still fun to get anything, but when they get older we are definitely doing this!

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