Weekend Recap

Weekend Recap

It’s Monday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chris and I are back at school today.  The girls don’t go until Thursday so they are with Nana enjoying their last days of freedom.

I am excited about getting back into a routine and can’t wait to see my new 8th graders!  I won’t lie though, this morning when the alarm went off it was rough.

Today I am linking up with Heather and Johannah to share our weekend with you.  Not a lot of pictures to show for it, but it was a nice relaxing weekend.

Friday I spent all day by myself and worked up in my classroom!  It was a wonderful day and I got a lot accomplished.  Even though it was my last day of freedom and Chris thought I was nuts going up to the school, I hadn’t been up there any this summer and needed to organize some things.

Bring on year 11 of teaching!

IMG 2845

I picked baby girl up from daycare and we met Chris’s parents at Huddle House for supper.

After that I took Elizabeth to her sleepover and picked Emily’s friend up for her sleepover.  Since we knew Elizabeth was going to be gone I let Emily invite a friend over so it was “fair”.

IMG 2849

IMG 2851

IMG 2852

IMG 2853

Friday night I worked on my father in-law’s birthday gift while I heard priceless laughing from the basement.  Emily and Karis had a blast together.

Saturday morning Chris went to work at Teen Challenge, Elizabeth came home from her sleepover and we took Emily’s friend home as well.

Elizabeth didn’t sleep ANY at her sleepover and Emily didn’t sleep but about 5 hours, so they were exhausted.  They showered and then I made them lay down and take naps.  Elizabeth slept the day away and Emily rested for a little bit, but then played on her new laptop.

IMG 2859

IMG 2860

While they were sleeping I was able to clean the house up some while also playing with baby girl.

Saturday afternoon as soon as Chris came home from Cape we headed to Poplar Bluff to eat supper with my mom, Nini, and aunts and uncles.

Elizabeth still couldn’t hang with us on the car ride and slept the whole way.

IMG 2864

My mom and Nini wanted to take everyone out to eat to show her appreciation for fixing up her house.  We ate at Colton’s Steakhouse.  It was a great evening with family and great food!  I am blessed with a wonderful family.

IMG 2868

IMG 2869

IMG 2867

IMG 2870

IMG 2899

When we got home I went to Walmart and got groceries for the week and then the girls went to bed early since they were still tired!

Sunday was church followed by lunch and afternoon laziness.  Well, everyone but me was lazy.  I did laundry, changed the sheets, laid out my outfit for tomorrow, and painted my nails.

Sunday evening wasn’t a lot different.  We all enjoyed just hanging out and enjoyed our last evening together before the crazy school routine sets in.

Hope you have a blessed week!  Can’t share our #selfieSunday anymore because of baby girl, but we are still taking them!


2 thoughts on “Weekend Recap

  1. What a great weekend. I have some time to myself today and cannot wait to go to my classroom and spend some time, I would have done exactly what you did on Friday. Doesn’t it feel good to get it mostly done before school? I say mostly, because I always feel like I am never 100% ready. Enjoy your days before students with staff! I will be thinking of you!

  2. Happy Back to School and there is just something about being in your classroom when you “don’t have to be” and getting somethings done all by yourself! I love that back to school planning and organizing! I may not be teaching now but I still get that excited feeling – ha! xoxo ERIN

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