Weekend Recap

Weekend Recap

Happy Monday, friends! We actually have today off from school, so we are enjoying another day of rest before our week starts.

Thank you Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.!

Friday night we were super lazy. Usually by Fridays we are worn out and don’t feel like doing much!

Liz had DNOW at our church this weekend, so I had to drop her off at her host home around 6:00.

Since I knew Liz would be gone I let Emily have some friends over. They played ping pong, played outside, and were so good! I never heard much from the basement at all. I love this independent stage of my kids.

Saturday morning we dropped Emily’s friends off and then headed to my uncle’s house.

They were having my cousin, Kai, a graduation/farewell party.

He graduated from high school in December after 1st semester and enlisted in the National Guard so is headed to Basic Training until June.

We will miss Kai but wish him luck!

We had to leave early from my uncle’s house because it started snowing and the temperature was dropping.

Chris had called me and told me he left Cape early because the roads were getting pretty bad and that I needed to head home too.

On my way home from Poplar Bluff, Chris’s dad called me and told me Chris had been in a really bad accident.

Talk about my heart completely dropping!!! I was so scared!!! And felt clueless on what to do! Poor Emily Grace started bawling next to me! I reassured her daddy would be fine.

I immediately tried to call Chris with no success.

I called my mom and sister and told them to please pray and that I didn’t know what all had happened.

Finally, after what felt like forever Chris called me!!

I was so relieved to hear his voice!

He told me he had hit a patch of ice and lost control of his truck. He was headed towards the ditch, so he over-corrected and hit a car!

When that car hit him it made his truck slide over onto the other side of the road and ram against the guardrail.

He told me all his airbags had deployed and he was trapped inside his truck because it was caved in, but he was fine.

At this point, I had made it back home and asked him what I should do. He didn’t want me to drive to get him because the roads were bad, but I hated the thought of him by himself.

He reassured me he was fine and told me to wait on him to call me back on what to do.

The fire trucks had to come and get him out of his truck.  So thankful he was able to walk away from it!

He then had to call the insurance company, and wait on the highway patrol to fill out the crash report, so he ended up being stuck on the side of the road for close to two hours.

Finally, a tow truck from Dexter came and got him and his truck and brought him back to Dexter.  I picked him up at the Ford dealership.

I had never been happier to see his face!!!

God was really watching over Chris that day. He ended up having a concussion and a sprained wrist, but it could’ve been much worse!

When I finally got home with Chris and got him settled, I watched Emily play in the snow for a little bit. It was SO cold, but she loved it!

We got around 3″ of snow and it was beautiful!

Sunday morning Chris woke up really, really sore. This is to be expected after everything he went through.

He decided to stay home from church, but I had to go and pick Elizabeth up from DNOW.

It was an amazing church service! The theme for DNOW this year was follow and the guest speaker did a great job speaking to the youth (and adults) about following Jesus in their life!

I was so happy to see Liz! Two nights away from her is a LONG time! She had a wonderful time.

Sunday afternoon we were LAZY!! The girls didn’t let Chris get too far out of their sight.

We took naps, played with Happy, watched football, and relaxed!

Leaving you with our #selfieSunday! I’ve never been more grateful for a selfie before! I pray you have a blessed week!

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  1. Oh my goodness! How scary!! I am so glad to read that he’s OK though and was able to walk away with nothing more than bumps and bruises.

  2. Jen I am so sorry about Chris’s accident but the Lord kept him safe thank goodness! Love the family selfie!

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