Halloween 2017

Hello!  Happy hump day and happy first day of November!  I can’t believe it!

We had a great Halloween yesterday and I wanted to share our pictures with you.  I know my time is short where the girls will want to dress up and trick or treat, so I am going to soak it in while they still think it’s cool.

At school, our students were allowed to dress up yesterday.  I knew it would be a crazy day and we had just finished all of the lessons in chapter 2 over scientific notation, so I decided to do a fun review day with the students.  With these review stations, I incorporated Black Light Math into the day.  Emily’s teacher had just done this the previous week and I’ve seen it on a few other teacher’s blogs, so I knew it would be the perfect activity for Halloween.

Basically, each table in my classroom was a different review station and the students had to move around throughout the class and complete all 6 stations.  They ended up being at each station for 6 minutes before they would rotate to the next table.  I blacked out my windows, put up 4 different black lights, and turned the lights out.  The key to this was that the kids had to write their math problems in yellow highlighter.

The kids absolutely loved this activity!  It was a great “different” way to complete these math review problems.  The black lights were really neat and seeing the kids work through the math problems because they liked the way their highlighter looked under the black light was a win/win for me!

It was hard to get the best pictures, but they give you an idea of what my classroom looked like yesterday.


After school, we rested a little bit before the girls got dressed in their costumes.  Then, we took pictures together outside.  I had a very cute 50’s cheerleader and a cow!


After our photo shoot, we headed to our friend’s house for the evening.  We ate, played, and visited with each other before we walked around their neighborhood trick or treating.  After trick or treating, we had s’mores around the bonfire.  It was a great night together with wonderful friends!


When we got home, we had to dump our candy out on the floor and see what we liked/disliked.


Hope you and your family had a great Halloween!  Have a wonderful Wednesday!


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