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Friday Faves

Hey, hey!  It’s Friday!

This week we’ve been super busy with volleyball games starting back for the girls.  I love watching them play, though!

Liz’s team won last night against the orange team and Emily’s team won Tuesday night against the purple team.

I’m linking up with Andrea, Erika, and Narci and sharing some of my favorite things from this week.


Chris and I got our headboard this week!  One of our good friends made it for us and it is BEAUTIFUL!  Chris helped me hang our sign above it to make the space complete.

It completely changes the looks of our room and I love it!  The sign was custom made and is special to us because it has our wedding song on it.


This week I am especially thankful for my blogging friends.  They are always there to lift me up and encourage me.  Even though I haven’t met them IRL, I know they are always there to love and support me! I’m so grateful for this community.


My sister shared this picture on her FB the other night and immediately brought me to tears.  I have been missing my dad a lot here lately and this poem was just so sweet and true!  I miss so many things about my dad, but I know he is waiting for me in Heaven and I have peace that I will see him again one day!


This sunrise picture Elizabeth captured the other morning is definitely one of my favorites.  Isn’t it crazy that the same God that creates a beautiful sunrise like this loves us and knows everything about us?


My good friend, Jennifer, made all four of us keychains as a special gift. They say Eeyore or Tigger on them because of Elizabeth’s diagnosis with diabetes and our decision to be a Tigger with this obstacle. Read that blog post here.

I LOVE them! Liz put hers on her insulin bag, Emily put hers on her school binder, mine is on my Chromebook case, and Chris put his on his school key ring. Thank you, Jennifer, for this constant reminder to be a Tigger in every situation!

Hope y’all have a great weekend. I plan to catch up on some sleep!


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  1. I hope you have a great weekend. I love that sign. I also love that sweet key chain. That sunset picture is amazing. I am praying for your heart today, that poem is so touching. Happy Friday!

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