Emily Grace is 12!

Today, Emily Grace turns 12!

The last year before she is an “official” teenager.

If you know Emily, then you know JOY!

She is the happiest, most care-free kid I know!  She makes me smile and laugh daily and she loves her people BIG!

At the same time, she is stubborn and will argue her point and always wants the last word!  Typical “TWEEN”!

She knows what she wants and is passionate about the things she loves and cares for.

I hope she never grows out of seeing the good in everything and being so kind-hearted.

I am so glad God chose me to be her mommy!

This past year was a full year for her! 

She started the year off rough with losing her Nana. So much heartache and sadness, but it has made her appreciate people and life more at a very young age.

She was finally a middle schooler and entered 6th grade.  This brought some challenges with Emily’s dyslexia but nothing she didn’t handle with hard work and determination.  We got her tested and she qualified for an IEP in reading, so this helped set her on the right path to be successful in school!

She flourished with a few tweaks of how she received instruction and studying skills.  I was so proud of her!

She played basketball and improved so much this year!  She was such a great hustler on the court and the best teammate always cheering on her team.

Volleyball season was cut short because of COVID, but the joy she brought on the court is something I don’t ever want to forget!

She flew on an airplane for the first time this year also. She was nervous but LOVED it and now always asks when we are flying again.

I can’t wait to keep watching her grow into a beautiful young lady and see what year 12 has in store for her!

Here is our typical birthday interview questions:

What is your favorite color?    light blue

What is your favorite TV show?   Dance Moms

What is your favorite thing to eat?    McDonald’s french fries

What is your favorite animal?       dog, especially Happy

What is your favorite song right now?    Diamond in my Pocket by Cody Johnson Band

Who is your best friend?   Too many to name them all… Liz, Mere, Klaire, Blair, Karis, Cali…. and she kept naming girls

What do you want to be when you grow up?   Second Grade Teacher

Emily Grace, you will always be my baby!  Keep your positive attitude and joy in your life and don’t let anyone stop you from achieving your dreams!

Happy 12th Birthday!  I LOVE YOU!


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  1. She seems like just the sweetest girl, Jen! Tell her happy birthday from us! I almost cried seeing the baby picture of her sleeping on the pillow. They grow so fast!!!

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