Emily’s Birthday Celebrations

Happy Thursday!

We had a great day yesterday celebrating Emily turning 12. Thank you for all the birthday wishes for her. She is a loved girl!

Tuesday night we went over to my sisters house to have a small party for Emily. It was a perfect night with pizza, cake, and ice cream!

Wednesday was all about Emily Grace! She woke up extra early with excitement! I love how excited she gets for her birthday.

We had our traditional pancakes followed by opening presents from us.

Then it was time for her party! I was so worried about the weather because it’s been raining non-stop here for days it seems like!

It started out rainy and cool, but ended up being a nice and sunny afternoon! I was so thankful!

The girls swam, played volleyball, ate cupcakes, and just hung out! It was such a great day. I’m thankful for great friends that love Emily well!

And if you want a glimpse into what it’s like having a lot of tweens at your house, here is a fun video:

Hope y’all have a great day! I’ll try to be back tomorrow with some Friday Favorites!

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  1. It sure looks like she had a great birthday! How lucky that you were able to have a house full of girls over.

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