Monthly Goals

February Monthly Goals

Happy Friday! We are home again today with another AMI day due to ice/snow.

I am ready for warmer weather!

Today I want to share my February goals even though February is almost over! #bloggingfail

But first, let’s recap January goals: (Keep in mind I had COVID again for a week during all this!)

1. Read 2 books. (Didn’t happen, didn’t even read 1 book)

2. Finish days 1-20 in my new Epic III exercise program. (Did 4 days of it, didn’t like it, so went back to 21 Day Fix on Beachbody, then got sick and did nothing for the rest of the month)

3. Have some friends over for game night. We had the Templemire’s over and loved it. Enjoy this video of me trying out BA’s new Oculus he got for Christmas. It was hilarious!

4. Go tech-free all day on a Saturday. (Didn’t happen, ugh!)

5. Limit screen time to 2.5 hours a day, EVERY day! (Not quite 2.5 hours, but I am doing LOTS better at limiting my screen time)

6. Finish a puzzle together as a family. Emily has always been good at puzzles and helped me and Chris do this one pretty quickly!

7. Learn how to play the card game, pinochle. Watched a lot of YouTube videos and learned this game. We hope to play it again this weekend at my uncle’s house.

8. Order Elizabeth’s pump supplies. I cringe every time we have to order these supplies because of the cost, but we are good to go for another 4 months on her supplies. Even though I’m human and gripe at the cost, I’m so thankful we are able to afford for her to wear a pump! I’ll do anything to make her life with diabetes easier.

Now, here are my February goals:

  1. Get my hair done!
  2. Pick a student in each hour and write them a nice email.
  3. Go on a date with Chris.

That’s it! Keeping it short and sweet this month!

Hope y’all have a great Friday!

4 thoughts on “February Monthly Goals

  1. Short and sweet goals for the month…that’s how I like my goals! Hope you have a wonderful weekend – stay warm. Tanya – The Other Side of the Road

  2. Girl, I hear you on the pump supplies but, yes, the pump is a life changer for a diabetic. Our 45 year old son has had a pump for 23 years and has been diabetic for 38 years. He takes such good care of himself and enjoys good health at this point. Have an enjoyable weekend!

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