Emily’s Winter Dance

Good Monday Morning!

We are finally back to school today after missing Thursday and Friday last week due to bad weather.

I don’t know if we will remember how to work a full week or not. HA

We also have our first MS volleyball game tonight, so I’m so excited! Both my 7th and 8th grade teams have been working hard and hopefully it pays off now that games are starting.

A few weeks ago Emily had her <last> winter formal dance at the middle school! I can’t believe she’s in 8th grade and will go into high school in the fall.

Time flies!

Her group of girlfriends have always gotten together before the dance and taken pictures.

They all turned out so good! This year they had some boys join them for the big group picture.

I love seeing Emily confident and happy! Her natural beauty shines and I’m so glad she always wants Simple and classy for her style.

She makes me proud and I’m so glad to be her mom!

And here is real life after she went out to eat after the dance with friends and was exhausted!

And a comparison picture for you. Picture on the left is of the daddy/daughter dance from 5th grade! Don’t blink; it seems like this was yesterday!

Hope y’all have a great Monday!

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