Smoky Mountains- Part 2

I’m back today to share the last of our fall break getaway.

In case you missed it, read the first part here.

I also realized I forgot to put some pictures from the second day at the Smokies in part 1, so I’m going to start with those!

Chris knew I wanted a picture of us in front of the Smoky Mountain sign, so on Saturday morning when it was cool and rainy <and not crowded>, he drove us there so we could have a photo shoot at the sign. I love how they turned out!

Sunday morning we enjoyed the morning views from our cabin!

We ate a big breakfast at a pancake house, and then decided to try to go to Cade’s Cove. This is right at the beginning of the Smoky Mountain National Park and known for its beautiful scenery and wildlife.

On the way to the park, we saw a BEAR! It was so exciting to see one so close in person.

It was such a quick thing, I didn’t get a very good picture, but I did get a video.

After seeing the bear, we were really pumped for Cade’s Cove! But honestly, we were disappointed with it. It took an HOUR just to get to Cade’s Cove and then another 2 HOURS driving through it, just to see one deer!

I could’ve easily driven through Doniphan and saw more wildlife than that.

Oh, well! We enjoyed each other’s company and the views of the mountains were spectacular!

After Cade’s Cove, we decided to go on a hike. There are many hiking trails all through the mountains.

We chose to hike Grotto Falls in Gatlinburg. It was beautiful! The terrain to get there was very steep and rocky, but we survived. The waterfall at the end was so neat because you could walk behind it.

And if you wondered what a hike does to Liz’s sugar, this is what her arrows stayed at the whole time <double arrows down>. Thankfully, we knew to start the hike with her a little high and she was just fine by the end of it.

We ended Sunday night with letting the girls go to a trampoline and rock climbing park.

They of course, had a blast.

Sunday evening was our last evening at the cabin, so we played pool together and finished our monopoly game.

Monday morning was GORGEOUS!

We woke up early, packed the car, played some basketball, and headed back to MO.

I was sad to leave, but my heart was so thankful for a wonderful fall break!

On our way home, we stopped at Cummins Falls State Park near Cookeville, TN.

This was a short hike and another example of God’s beautiful creation.

The waterfall here was one of the biggest I’ve ever seen before! I’m so glad we made this stop.

We made it back to Dexter with just enough time to unpack and get ready for the upcoming week!

We already have our next weekend getaway planned and I can’t wait for it!

Hope you have a great Thursday.


10 thoughts on “Smoky Mountains- Part 2

  1. What a beautiful cabin. I would have LOVED to wake up to those views. Did you plan to have grandparents with you guys to help with driving or because they had a break in time too and could tag along for the fun? My parents have a place in the Colorado Mountains and I cannot explain how amazing it is to wake up to the mountain views. I might have to look into a trip to Gatlinburg … not too far from IL!

      1. Jen, shoot me an email if you’d like some recommendations on places to go in Colorado! 🙂 p.s. My family drives to Colorado because it is so nice to always have a car!

  2. Eek! I love it all. You did stuff that I haven’t, and now I’m adding it all to my list. I hate our schedules didn’t sync up, but next time for sure. Glad you loved our little state BIG! Come back!!

  3. This looks like it was the perfect fall get-a-way! So glad you guys were able to do it! Memories the girls will always have.

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