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Liz’s Diaversary Celebration

Happy Saturday, friends!

Life happened and I messed my streak of Blogmas up by not posting yesterday.

I was one worn out momma though!

Today I want to share all about Elizabeth’s diaversary day and how we celebrated her.

Some people didn’t understand why we celebrated Liz on this day. I even had some tell me that it’s bad to celebrate a horrible disease.

We don’t celebrate the disease because it is horrible. We celebrate Liz for how strong and brave she always is and for overcoming everything that comes with T1D!

Anyways… here was our day:

Liz had volleyball practice from 8:00-10:00 Thursday morning so I told the girls to be at our house at 11:00.

Our plan was to go to Cape and enjoy the day!

All of the girls met at our house and they kept asking how we were going to ride up to Cape. (My vehicle can only fit 7 people).

The girls thought another mom was there to help me drive, but then as we were leaving, the BIG surprise for Liz and the girls pulled up!

A LIMO! Problem solved on how they would ride up to Cape. The girls rode in the limo and I followed right behind it with a few other moms with me.

Here is the video of the girls reaction to the limo! They were totally surprised and didn’t know what to think. It was fun!

First stop was to eat lunch at Chick-Fil-A.

Had a little photo shoot session while waiting for the limo to pick the girls back up.

I LOVE these girls all like my own!

Next stop was Target and TJ Maxx and the mall.

I never want to forget a story that happened at Target, so I’m going to share it here.

The girls were waiting on the limo to get them and so they were in between the double sliding doors. (Not outside and not in the store either)

Anyways, they were standing in the doorway and were being typical tween girls and laughing and talking and not paying attention.

There was a man and wife that were trying to exit and the man just stopped and didn’t say anything to the girls. I saw him waiting to get through so another mom and I told the girls to scoot over and get out of the way. (They didn’t see the man and wife)

Well, as we were moving the girls out of the way, the wife said, “I don’t know why you girls think it’s a good idea to stand right in the middle of the exit.” She said this very rudely and then continued to kind of “shoulder-check” her way through the girls.

Out of frustration one of the moms just kind of sarcastically said, “Merry Christmas”. Well, then some of the girls mimicked this and said Merry Christmas also.

The lady turned around and right in front of the girls FLIPPED them off! Double birds and everything! The girls were mortified!

We had a good lesson on kindness because of this! I was amazed at how rude someone can be to 12 year old girls….

Our last stop of the day was to Andy’s ice cream. No pictures from this stop because it was rainy and cold and we had a few “issues” with the limo we had to deal with. The girls will know what I’m talking about! HA

The girls definitely made memories that will last forever with this trip!

We made it back to Dexter in time for me to drop the girls off to go caroling with their 6th grade class.

They do this every year and always have a blast.

After caroling we ate Mexican and then came back to our house for the night.

We ended the evening with a cake for Liz’s diaversary.

And then another photo shoot with the girls in their marching shirts my sister made for them all. She did such a great job! Liz was so proud of them.

Of course, it was llama themed. “Llama tell you, my best friend makes beating diabetes look easy!”

Elizabeth is blessed with many friends that love her and always encourage her every day to keep on keeping on.

I’m so thankful for them and glad they shared Liz’s fun day with her.


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  1. This is just priceless! Llama tell you, you are a GREAT momma! 😉
    The memories these girls will have because of your love for your little one. Yes, she will ALWAYS be your little one❤️
    I had a great time and I was just reading about it. Lol

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