Life Lately

Life Lately

Hi, friends! Hope you have been doing good!

The minute I told myself I was going to be better at blogging, life got CRAZY!

I am back on track with things now though and hope to make my appearance here more.

After I posted last month, I ended up getting COVID. Again!!! Yes, AGAIN?!?!? (I had the original variant in 2020)

I was sooooooo much sicker this time! Omicron really kicked my butt! I missed a full week of school and slept for probably half of that time. I had a fever, was achy, super dizzy and light headed, and so dang tired!

After that awful week, it took me a while to recuperate. I was so far behind with teaching, with housework, and just felt like I missed out on so much during that time!

But, like I said, I am feeling much better and we are back on track!

During this time, Elizabeth had her winter homecoming dance at the high school. Even though I didn’t get to see her all dressed up in person because I was sick in bed, she looked beautiful! My one request was an individual picture of her, but that didn’t happen. She “forgot”. There were some cute group ones, though!

Elizabeth has started her club season of volleyball and I am getting to coach them this year since they aren’t in middle school with me anymore. We have improved every tournament and it’s fun to watch them play!

We also had a good snow come through right after I was sick so we missed Wednesday-Friday of school that week. I loved being stuck inside the house with Chris and the girls. Chris and I are binge watching The BlackList on Netflix so we watched a bunch of episodes!

Other than that, not a lot has been happening. We went axe throwing for our monthly family get together with my family and it was so much fun! I was actually pretty good at it, so I told Chris he better watch out!

We are currently snowed/iced in again and have no school today. I feel like we’ve not had a consistent week of school since Christmas break, but I guess that’s how it goes sometimes!

Hope y’all are enjoying the new year. January wasn’t my favorite month, but February has been much better!

I’ll be back tomorrow with my February monthly goals and how I did on my January ones. Spoiler alert~ not very good!

7 thoughts on “Life Lately

  1. You sound like my daughter on not being in school regularly since Christmas break. They live in OKC and they are currently out again due to ice and snow.

    Bless your heart! Having Covid twice seems a bit unfair. I am home with it now and I’m sure it is the Omicron variant. I haven’t felt good but its been more like a bad head cold. The weather is nasty so I guess if I have to be in, now is a good time.

    Good to catch up with you and yours.

  2. Glad you are feeling better! We have a snow day for tomorrow already. It seems like each week has been a 4 or even a 2 day week since Christmas as well.

  3. I’m glad you got through covid for the second time. I had it for the first time in January, and it kicked my butt!

  4. Hey friend!! So sorry to hear you were so sick!!! That is tough. Glad you are all better. I have not been reading any of my favorite blogs in such a long time and feel behind in all your lives. It was nice to catch up with you and your precious family this morning. Take care!

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