Good morning!

Hope your week has been great.

This week I’ve had 3 different people show me kindness out of the blue.

One of my coworkers brought me my favorite bag of M & M’s. (White Candy Corn)

Then Chris left me a sweet note after our lunch shift in my classroom.

And then the next day, another coworker of mine brought me a Strawberry Lemonade.

What these ladies didn’t know (Chris knew) is that this has been a hard week for me.

My dad’s birthday is coming up soon and I’ve been missing him so much.

Also, we are changing things up with Emily for accommodations with her dyslexia and it’s hard for your child to feel “different.”

And then Liz has had an awful cold and this means AWFUL sugar readings.

Nothing “major” I know, but little things that have just bothered me this week.

However, these acts of kindness turned my whole day around.

How thoughtful of them to think of me enough to get me these things!!?!?

All of this quickly reminded that I needed to be paying it forward more. I get so caught up in my life that I forget sometimes to think of others.

I know I’ve said it before and it’s been said a bunch, but you never know what people are dealing with.

Reach out to others. Get to know others well enough that you can pick up their favorite candy or drink to brighten their day.

Smile. Hold the door open. Give a compliment. Send a nice text. Send a card in the mail.

There are many ways to spread kindness!

Kindness is always cool! It’s a blessing to those that show the kindness and those that receive the kindness.

Be a blessing to someone today. Happy Thursday!

11 thoughts on “Kindness

  1. What a sweet reminder of how important you are to them! It’s so true that you just never know what other people are dealing with too.

  2. So sweet! Praying for all those little disturbances to your norm. God has those and you in His hands.

  3. I love this Jen! I have been doing everything I can to remind other of how special they are to me even if it means spending a little more time than I might have doing it! Now … I do have to ask if you ever feel like others don’t reciprocate? I know I rarely / never get random acts of kindness from others BUT that might be because I am a bit of a loaner and I don’t have a ton of friends! (My own problem I guess 🙁 )
    I think there should be a group that pairs people up monthly to preform acts of kindness for the other!

    1. I can’t really say it’s never reciprocated. I have a great group of friends that show their love to me a lot! I’m glad you reach out to others. Keep doing it and it will eventually be reciprocated.

  4. I feel certain you have shown all three of these sweet folks kindness and they were reciprocating. Sounds like a very tough week. I have an undiagnosed dyslexic – we tried and tried to get her help but she was in school in the 90s and there wasn’t a lot of help. She is now the BEST neonatal nurse EVER! So, know that your daughter will find her way. Brennyn has figured out coping mechanisms and just knows to double check numbers, especially.

    Hope you get the sugar readings back under control. So much for a young one to have to deal with.

    Wishing you a restorative weekend.

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