Weekend Recap

Weekend Recap

Good morning!

Happy Monday!

I know some of you are off work today due to Columbus Day, be we are at school. If you have the day off, enjoy it!

This weekend was a productive, yet relaxing weekend.

I am getting better at putting my phone down more, but that means I’m not remembering to make many pictures!

Anyways, here was our weekend:

Friday night Chris went hunting, Liz went shopping with her Papa, and Emily was at a birthday party, so I had most of the evening to myself!

It was glorious!! I caught up on all my TV shows, watched Cardinals baseball, and got take out for supper.

A great, relaxing night!

Saturday I was up early teaching classes for VIPKID.

The girls and I then headed to Cape for a morning of shopping. We were on the hunt for a few things to help organize their rooms and to get costume supplies for Halloween.

Meanwhile, Chris and his dad were at St. Louis for the Cardinals game.

I was “slightly” jealous.

When the girls and I got home, it was full cleaning mode for us.

I went through ALL their drawers and closets and got rid of old clothes and helped Liz organize her bathroom better.

It took me all afternoon and evening. But it felt so good to organize it all! I ended up donating 3 giant trash bags full of stuff. Where does it all come from??

Sunday we went and got groceries, cleaned out the garage, mowed and weed-eated and caught up on laundry. All the chores to get ready for a new week.

That evening we played outside and I was able to read a few chapters in my book.

I’m so thankful for this great weather we’ve been having lately. It is so nice to sit outside and not sweat to death!

Leaving you with our #selfieSunday. I pray you have a blessed week!

14 thoughts on “Weekend Recap

  1. That sounds like a wonderful weekend! I have never ever thought to get takeout for myself… not that I’m left home alone much, but still.

  2. Oh my gosh, your Friday night sounds like it was amazing!!

    You are still doing VIP kids? Love that!

    WOW! That’s awesome that you were able to get rid of THREE bags full of stuff! I need to do that. I am feeling overwhelmed! You are right… how does all that stuff accumulate so quickly?!

    You had a super productive weekend… good job, mama!

    P.S. I read that book. Are you liking it??

  3. Mama’s dream come true (partially) on Friday, huh!? I HAVE to start sorting through the mountains of clothes in all our closets and drawers before we move!!! I need motivation!

  4. Sounds like you had a good weekend! I feel like the weekends have been FLYING by lately and then this past weekend we got out first SNOW here in Minnesota! Eek!
    Do you guys have a go to list of groceries that you get each week or do you guys like to try new things? My family tends to stick to the same things week after week which makes picking up groceries so much easier because we really just run through the store and grab what we need QUICKLY and get back on with our chores! Haha!

    1. We are always trying new things I feel like. I try to cook one new meal each week and switch up the snacks too.
      Can’t believe you got your first snow already! Wow!

  5. It feels so good to get things decluttered and cleaned out. You really got a lot done this weekend! The Friday night on your own sounds like a nice way to end the week.

  6. Sounds like a perfect weekend to me. Family time, some alone time and then decluttering. It is so amazing how quickly “stuff” accumulates. Happy rest of the week!

  7. OH, JEN…please, oh, please could I email you about VIPKids? My Prince Charming is losing his job and I need to find something pronto! I have applied and done everything but the demo but I am scared to do it. And worried about how much time VIP will take, not sure how well it pays, etc. Please could I email you with my questions? My email is mommyhon333@hotmail.com, if you could just let me know if I can interview you about VIP via email.
    The girls’ rooms look great. We have been slowly been decluttering, too. But have lots more to work on. Darn nick-knacks!!

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