Mom’s Retirement Party

My mom finally retired after 26 years of working at the State School in her town.

She was their secretary/teacher’s aide/bus driver all in one.

She had a great career at her school and worked with some amazing people.

This past weekend my sister and I were able to throw her a retirement party. This was a small way to show we appreciated her hard work for us all these years.

We asked mom what theme she wanted and she told us rose gold, so that is what we went with.

We had a beautiful backdrop, lots of yummy food, a great cake, and loads of fun!

We appreciated all the people that came out to help celebrate mom’s retirement. It was cool to hear all the nice things said about mom from her coworkers.

I wish her lots of years of happiness in her retirement doing whatever her heart desires.

P.S. Stuff like this makes me miss my dad so much! I’m sad he’s not here to share in this milestone with mom. But I know he’s so proud of her!

Hope you have a great Tuesday!

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