Weekend Recap

Weekend Recap

Happy Monday! What a fun, busy weekend! I hope you and your family had a great weekend as well.

Friday after school the girls both had friends over and then I treated them to Burger King for supper. After supper we headed to our High School Homecoming game. We were excited to see all the pretty dresses!

Both our JV and Varsity had a win, so it was a great night! And the girls were all beautiful on the homecoming court!

When we got home the girls and I worked on our puzzle again and was able to finish it! We had been working on it for a few days and were excited to get it finished.

Saturday morning we made our way to Doniphan to watch my nephew, Zach, play basketball. He had two games so it was a great Saturday to go and watch him play.

Afterwards, my mom treated us all to lunch after Zach’s ballgame. She made her famous “mama” burgers and fries. They were delicious!

My aunts and uncles and everyone was over there and we visited for a while with them. We had to leave earlier than everyone to get back to Dexter in time to make it to a visitation and get Elizabeth dropped off for a birthday party.

After going to my best friend’s father in-law’s visitation we dropped Liz off with her friend to go to a birthday party. They went to a trampoline park and shopping at the mall. It was her first outing without me where she would have to eat a meal and give herself a shot! She of course did amazing and didn’t have any problem with the shot. She makes me so proud!

Liz had a great day with her friends and her friends were so sweet and patient with her as she was nervous at her first time by herself. I’m thankful for great friends and parents that aren’t too scared to still include Liz with everything!

That afternoon while Liz was gone, Emily had a friend over for a few hours to play and Chris and I were lazy; I read and Chris caught up on his Netflix show he is watching right now.

Saturday evening we headed to Twin Rivers to watch Zach play basketball again. This was for his traveling basketball team he is playing on and not the church league that he played that morning. I love being able to be close enough to watch my nephews do things they love.

We made it back to Dexter and grabbed Liz from her party and went home and crashed!

Sunday morning Chris went up to Cape to take all his deer blinds out of the woods and take his cameras down since deer season is over. He of course sent me this picture that was on one of his cameras.

While he was gone the girls and I cleaned the house. Their basement was really messy, so they had a long list of chores to do. I actually rewarded them with money for doing a few extra things for me like mopping and cleaning the bathroom.

They did such a great job and I rewarded them with new squishes instead of any money.

That afternoon we went and watched the 5th and 6th grade girls play basketball. All of Elizabeth’s friends play on the team so we enjoy going and watching them play when they are here at Dexter. Emily ended up finding a few friends there so she had a great afternoon with them.

Sunday night after supper I finished the laundry and then had to change Liz’s Dexcom sensor out. It was my first time doing it without my sister’s help and did okay. Liz still says Aunt Julie is better at it! I told her each time I’d get better.

Leaving you with our #selfieSunday. I pray you have a blessed week!

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6 thoughts on “Weekend Recap

  1. Yay for her doing so well on her own. I am sure that was hard on your momma heart and yay for switching out her sensor. Each time will get better. I love their list of chores and celebrating after! I need to start writing them out for my kids because they have a hard time remembering ;). xoxo ERIN

    1. Yes, my girls always do lots of things not worth money, but I was feeling generous and made them do some normal “Mom” stuff to help me out. They like crossing things off their lists, so I make them one every time.

  2. I love that you call your mom’s burgers “mama burgers.” Dan’s grandmother used to make burgers before she passed away & we always called them “Ninny Burgers” nothing like them!! 🙂 Happy Monday!!

  3. I need to grab some of those squishes. Carson has allergy shots every other week, and they are perfect for squeezed instead of flexing! What a great weekend, friend!

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