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Our House: Elizabeth’s Room

Good morning, friends! Thanks for all the kind posts about Elizabeth giving herself her own shot this weekend. It was a really big deal and she’s amazing!

Today I am sharing with you another room in our house~ Elizabeth’s bedroom.

I don’t have any before or after pictures of this room. This is a room we didn’t have to do a lot in when we moved in. We painted the walls and put down new carpet to match what we laid down in Emily’s room.

I LOVE that both of the girls are able to be downstairs and have a space of their own. It has worked wonderful so far and I know the older they get the more they will appreciate having their own space.

Without further ado, here is Lizzie’s room:

Here is the view as soon as you walk through her door. I love that her and Emily have matching bedroom suites and I love the bedding Liz picked out for her room.

Here is the view looking the other way:

I love the picture hangings Liz has up in her room. Each piece is able to hold around 30 pictures.

Her nightstand: I like how each girl shows their personality with what they put on their nightstands. Elizabeth has her Alexa in her room because she can easily ask it what her sugar level is during the night~ so cool!

Here is where her dresser is and her huge bean bag chair she got for Christmas. That door leads into her bathroom. She calls it “her” bathroom, but really it is for her and Emily both to use. You just have to go inside her room to get to the bathroom.

And just another angle of her room. Her walk-in closet is by where her stand up mirror is, you just can’t see the door in this picture.

Well, that is a tour of Elizabeth’s room. It is a great space for her to grow in and she loves her room.

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  1. I LOVE her room! I love the picture holders. I also love her alarm clock. Where did you find that?!?! I would have loved to have a bathroom and a walk in closet! I also love the big beanbag chair!

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