Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites

Hey, hey!  Happy Friday!  My days of the week are all messed up this week!  I keep thinking today is Thursday for some reason.  We are finally heading back to school today and I am SO glad!  However, I know today is going to be “chaotic” to say the least.  It is Homecoming tonight and the students have been cooped up in the house all week, so I am sure it will make for an interesting day.

Today I am linking up with NarciErika, and Andrea to share with you my Friday Favorites.


My ring finally came back to me!  Chris surprised me with a new wedding ring for Christmas and it had to get sized, so I never got to wear it.  I finally have it back and LOVE it!



This week I got an Apple Watch, thanks to my father-in-law!  I have been wanting one for a really long time, but just couldn’t spend the money on one.  Now that we have Elizabeth’s Dexcom, I have found myself looking at my phone and checking her sugar A LOT!  While I was teaching last week, I didn’t like pulling my phone out and having to check her sugar.  I mentioned to Chris that I would love an Apple Watch because I could just have her Dexcom numbers on my watch and glance down at any time and see what her sugar is without being rude and getting my phone out.  Well, James (my father-in-law) heard I wanted one and went to the store the next day and surprised me with one!  I am spoiled, I know!  It is already so nice to just glance down and know what Elizabeth’s sugar is without getting my phone.  It will be perfect for when I am teaching and coaching to have a peace of mind at how Liz is doing.  Thanks, James!


A friend’s husband shared this on IG this week and I immediately fell in love with it.  It is such a good quote and oh, so true!  We all should share our faith more on a daily basis!



I’ve been baking a lot this week and made these cookies from Andrea at Momfessionals.  They were a HUGE hit!  They didn’t look the prettiest, but tasted amazing!  Click here for the recipe.



I have to have our snow days in as one of my favorites from this week!  I love snow days!  I hate the cold and hate playing in it really, but I love having a day where there is nothing to do, no make-up to put on, and we are all home together doing whatever we please.  We have rested, played games, worked puzzles, and enjoyed our week together.


Hope Y’all have a wonderful Friday!  Thanks for stopping by my blog!


5 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. How awesome is your father-in-law!? I know you can somewhat worry less because you can so easily access Liz’s numbers without having your phone out and on. How great is technology too. That quote is great, and it is so true. Thanks for sharing. Enjoy your weekend!! 🙂

  2. I am so glad you got the watch and it’s perfect to take care of your daughter with :). It’s nice as a mom to be spoiled sometimes! I love that quote too, it’s so true! Those cookies look divine too, yum! xoxo ERIN

  3. I was just scrolling back through some of your posts and your gorgeous ring caught my eye!!! LOVE IT! I really want a new wedding ring someday but then I can’t decide what I would do with my old one. What did you do??

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