Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, friends! We made it! It seems like it’s been a busy week in our household. I think we are trying to cram as much summer fun as we can in our few weeks left before school starts!

Linking with Andrea today to share some favorites.


I shared this post on FB yesterday, but I wanted to share it with you all as well:

My mom and dad always taught me growing up that God cares about everything going on in my life. Leave it in His hands, and He will take care of you.

This week I have been so discouraged with diabetes stuff and specifically the cost of it.

Please know I am so thankful for a good job and insurance, but this week has just left me feeling defeated.

We pay $350 every month for her Dexcoms.

We are in the process of getting her an insulin pump and the $6000 price tag along with finding out her pump supplies aren’t covered by our insurance and that would be another monthly cost for us.

All of this brings me to today’s post. It is time for her glucagon to be refilled for the year. This is a life saving device for diabetics similar to what the epipen is for allergic reactions.

Anyways, we always get two for Elizabeth because we like for her to have one at school and also one for home that we carry with us in her insulin bag.

I was dreading going to the pharmacy this morning because I knew it was going to be another $700 I owe. (Each glucagon is $350).

Now, at the beginning of the week I was grumpy and just didn’t have the best attitude about all this in my prayers with God. It’s not like we asked for our daughter to have this chronic illness, you know?!?

But, after Monday, I changed my attitude. I started thanking God for a manageable disease, when there are so many that are fighting for their lives with a terminal illness.

Thanking Him for our good jobs and allowing us to make a way to afford all of this stuff for her.

Thanking Him for a daughter who does so well with taking care of her disease and having the best attitude about it, etc.

You get the point. Just a shift in my mindset.

Today, I walked into the pharmacy to get the glucagons and the pharmacist told us her doctor had called in the new nasal type of glucagon (WAY better than a shot) and that there was a coupon through the company to get both of these glucagons for $25! YES, $25!?!?

Tell me that God doesn’t care about everything that goes on in your life, even expensive diabetes costs.

God is good and I’m thankful for this pleasant surprise this morning! Please let Him take care of every need in your life.


I conquered a major fear of mine this week and I was so proud of myself!

Y’all know we love Current River. Chris has his boat and we go at least twice a week.

The girls have mentioned lately that they would like to try to kayak on Current River.

My sister lost her FIL in a tragic kayak drowning a few years ago and since then I’ve just been fearful of them.

Wednesday Emily and I had the chance to go kayaking with a few of her friends and their moms on Current River.

I put my big girl panties on and did it! I never want to instill fear into my girls. And I want to show them to face your fears also!

I am so glad we did it! It was a blast and so peaceful and we had the best time.

Now, I’m looking to take Liz and her friends with their moms in a few weeks.


Elizabeth FINALLY has an in-person doctor appointment today with her endocrinologist. We haven’t been since last September! We couldn’t go in December because we went to Disney and then we were supposed to go in March and COVID happened. I’m anxious to see what her A1C is.

Be watching my IG post for an update on that today! Follow me @jennifermbolin


My school is making all of the teachers become Google Educator certified. I think this is due to possibly going to virtual learning if needed because of COVID. Anyways, it was a HARD 3 hour exam, but I found out this week I passed it! I was so relieved.


Keeping on the diabetes trend, we ordered Elizabeth a new medical ID for her Apple Watch band and it’s perfect! She has to have a medical bracelet on her at all times in case something happened to her and so people would know she’s T1D. We’ve gone through a lot of bracelets and just couldn’t seem to find one that worked well for her with sizing and style. However, this is a great thing because it just slides onto her Apple Watch band and she doesn’t even know it’s there. We were very pleased when it came in the mail.

Hope you have a great Friday and even greater weekend!

6 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. That is fabulous about the medication! What a huge savings. Good for you for conquering your fear. Kayaking where there is little current is really quite safe. Most fatal kayak accidents happen in/near the ocean or with rapids and fast moving water. I just love kayaking but prefer a nice calm body of water with few boats around. It’s so nice and peaceful that way.

  2. Praise for how God provided with the new (cheaper) medication. I know I would have been so happy and crying tears of joy. What a great surprise. And way to go conquering the fear of kayaking. I’m not a super strong swimmer so I know that took guts. Have a good weekend – hope the dr. visit went well.

  3. Thank you for mentioning the new option for glucagon! We are fairly new to Type 1 and needed to refill our son’s glucagon, and I was not looking forward to the expense. I asked our pharmacist about the nasal option because of your post! Thank you so very much!

    1. So glad you found my post! If you go to Baqsimi’s website there is a place to sign up to receive a coupon for that nasal glucagon. Hope it works for you!

  4. Ohhhh, that’s good stuff! You know I can relate all too well. There were many days I cried about what we pay for T1D. I have since let it all go, because it is what it is and, like you guys, we will do what we have to do for our kiddo. God is so good!!!! Love her new ID!!!!!

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