Weekend Recap

Weekend Recap

Happy Monday, friends!

We are ready for a full week of school in our household.  Or, as ready as we can be!

Linking up with Heather, Johannah, Lindsay, and Tanya for our weekend recap.

Friday night it was our high school’s homecoming night.  We went and ate supper with some friends and then headed to the game.

The games were HORRIBLE because we beat the other team by about 30-40 points each game (JV/Varsity), but all the girls looked beautiful in their dresses!

When we got home we ended the night with a ping pong game.  The girls are getting really good at playing!

Saturday morning we were up early for a full day of basketball.  Emily had her first basketball tournament.

I had the pleasure of taking these sweet girls to the game.

Emily’s team got FIRST place and won every game they played!  It was fun to watch them!

The highlight of the day is that Emily Grace made her first basket in the last game!  I wish I would’ve had my phone out and recorded it, because her face and reaction was priceless!  The WHOLE crowd was happy for her!

This was at the very end of the game, so when she ran off the court to the bench, all of her teammates were there to hug her and high-five her for her first basket.  That to me was better than the scored basket!

After the tournament we went and ate lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings with some friends.  We were starving!

Chris and I ended the night with grocery shopping together and watching the Cowboy/Seahawks game.  Chris is a Cowboys fan so we were happy they won!  (Sorry, Jenna!)

Sunday this quote described me well.  HA

Leaving you with our #selfieSunday.  I pray you have a blessed week!


14 thoughts on “Weekend Recap

    1. It was so fun! Saturday was busy, busy, busy and Sunday was a great day of relaxation. Next weekend we have another tournament all day on Saturday, but this time it’s for LIz’s volleyball.

  1. That’s so interesting that your school’s homecoming is during basketball season. Ours is always in the fall during football season. Hope you have a wonderful week!

  2. My boys are getting so good at playing ping pong that I can’t even play with them anymore! I have no hand eye coordination at all. So great about the basket; my oldest son used to play and we just loved watching the comradery between the members.

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