Weekend Recap

Weekend Recap

Happy Monday, friends!

Today is our first day of school.  We are ready for it!

This last weekend before school was great. Friday after we got off work, we went straight to the river!  We met my sister’s family there and had the best evening together.

It did my heart well with ending a busy week of meetings at my favorite place.  There is something about being on the water that makes me so happy!

Saturday morning the girls and I were lazy.  It was nice to sleep in.

Then, Emily was invited to go fishing with her bestie at their farm.  Emily is a natural outdoors girl and of course caught a bunch of fish!

While she was away doing that, Liz and I ran some errands and then went and got our nails done.  Starting the year with fresh nails just makes a girl feel more put together.

I spent the whole afternoon outside on our couch reading and dozing off.

Then, Chris’s dad came down for supper and surprised me with an early birthday gift!  I was in shock with my new Airpods!  He did well.  Now I won’t have to steal the girls when I go walking and running.

Sunday we went to my uncle’s church because he was ordained as an elder (deacon) of his church.  We were so proud of him and happy to be there to support him.

Afterwards we all went out to eat and I was able to get some sweet baby cuddles in.

Sunday afternoon it was all about getting everything ready for the week ahead.  We made sure we had first day of school outfits picked out, made sure we had plenty of stuff for school lunches, backpacks cleaned and washed, etc.

We are ready for a great school year!

Leaving you with our #selfieSunday!  I pray you all have a blessed week.


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  1. I hope you guys have such a wonderful year. We started yesterday too. It’s been going so well, but boy am I TIRED by the end of the day. I forgot how mentally exhausting this is until you get back in it. How sweet of your FIL to gift you those Air Pods! My b-day is next month and the kids were asking me what I wanted. Tonight I mentioned wireless earbuds! Awe, that baby girl is so precious. You look great holding her. 🙂

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