Daddy/Daughter Dance

Happy Valentine’s Day! I always love this special day!

Tomorrow starts our Winter Break and we have a 4 day weekend, so it makes it even better!

Tuesday night Emily and Chris went to her 5th grade daddy/daughter dance.

They met some friends for pictures, ate supper, and then danced the night away.

They had such a great evening together and will hopefully remember it forever.

Be prepared for picture overload!

Also, shout out to my neighbor, Alexa, for helping Emily get ready since I was at volleyball practice!

And I’m ending with my favorite picture from the evening. Special thanks to Ashley Mosier Photography for capturing such a sweet memory.

And if you remember from last year, here is Chris and Elizabeth doing the same pose.

Chris got tears in his eyes when he saw this picture I put together with both girls. Aren’t our girls stunning?!?

So blessed!

Hope y’all have the best day today! “Love” every moment!


10 thoughts on “Daddy/Daughter Dance

  1. Oh my word! How stinking precious is this!? Emily looks like she had the best time, and could Chris beam any more with pride!? Nope! Love these sweet memories you have!

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