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Let’s Look At…

It’s Wednesday and time for Shay and Erika’s Let’s Look At link-up.

Today, we are talking favorite reads.


I love to read!  I always try to read a few chapters every night before I go to bed, or when I am waiting on a kid from a practice, etc.

Here are my “favorite” reads:

Anything by Karen Kingsbury!  I LOVE her.  She is a Christian author and I’ve read every book of hers.


The Last Mrs. Parrish


This was a recent book that I read and still think about to this day.  It was suspenseful and always had me curious at what was going to happen next.

The Help


This is an older book, but an excellent story!  The movie was great also, but I liked the book way better!

These are the only books that come to my mind when I think of “favorites”.  I have read a lot of great books, but these will always stick out to me as being my favorite reads.

Hope you all have a great Wednesday!

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day!  I will be back here to share pictures from Emily’s daddy/daughter dance.


7 thoughts on “Let’s Look At…

  1. My mom went on a Karen Kingsbury cruise a few years ago. She said it was really fun! I like her books too! I loved The Help! Right now my favorite book of 2019 is The American Kingpin. SO GOOD!

  2. What a great reminder to read the book version of ‘The Help’ – I loved the film, although shocking in parts, need to re-watch it xx

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