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Life Lately- Liz’s Winter Dance

Good morning, friends!  It is STILL raining here! I need some sunshine soon!

Emily has her father/daughter dance tonight!  The excitement she went to bed with last night was so sweet.  She told Chris he better have his dancing shoes on, because they were going to dance the night away. HA

I’m sad because I won’t get to see her all dressed up because of volleyball practice, but I know I have momma friends that will take some pictures for me and I’m so thankful for that!

Today I have a life lately post for you.

It might be more of a “brain dump” post because I feel like I have a mixture of things to talk about!

I mentioned two Fridays ago that Chris got a new truck.  Well…that truck ended up being a dud!! It started making a horrible noise as soon as we got it home and the transmission ended up needing replaced. (Yes, on a brand new truck?!! Crazy!)

Thankfully we canceled that deal and the dealership was really nice to work with! Then, Chris took a day off work and went to look for a different truck. He came and picked me up from school and told me he found the perfect black truck.

When we went to get the truck, there was no black truck in the parking lot, but there was a really UGLY burgundy/brown/purple truck in the parking lot.

Long story short… never let my color blind husband pick out a truck! It wasn’t black!!!

Finally, we found a new white Ford truck. It truly is white and beautiful! I’m happy he was able to find one he liked and that we both agreed on.

I also mentioned to you that our town had a horrible storm the other day and a train derailed. The storm ended up producing 93 mph winds that caused the derailment. Here is an aerial view of the train. Thankfully no one was hurt!

We had a weekend of volleyball for Liz this last weekend. They played AMAZING in their pool play and got first out of their pool to go to the gold bracket.

However, they fell apart during that first game of the tournament and lost. It was still fun to watch them!

We’ve been having a lot of rough days lately with Liz’s diabetes and it breaks my heart.  My attitude has been awful but I’ve just been down in the dumps about it.

Liz is such a trooper! I guess I’m just sad because I feel sometimes that people think because they can’t “see” this disease that it doesn’t exist.

Chris and I and Elizabeth are CONSTANTLY thinking of her diabetes.  She has to fight so much harder to be “normal” than many of her friends could ever dream about.

I’m so thankful Liz keeps her upbeat attitude and doesn’t let this slow her down!

Chris and I are going to start something new starting on Valentine’s Day.  We both bought each other a journal and we are going to write in it at random times throughout the year.

We will write memories down, write what we mean to each other, write a letter to each other, etc.  No specific guidelines.  We plan to give the notebooks to each other as gifts next Valentine’s Day.  I think this will be a great way to show each other we love them and neat to keep for years to come.  I hope it’s something we can do every year!

I saved the best for last. Are you still with me?

Liz had her first semi-formal MS dance last week.

Her and her girlfriends met up at a friend’s house and got some pictures made. Rode in the limo again to eat at a fancy restaurant, and then danced the night away.

Liz (and all the girls) looked absolutely gorgeous! Time really needs to slow down for this momma, but I love watching my girls grow.

Well, that’s all I have time for!  Thanks for letting me ramble! Have a great day!


6 thoughts on “Life Lately- Liz’s Winter Dance

  1. Sorry to hear the new truck was a dud. The girls all look beautiful! How fun to go to the dance together.

  2. Liz has such a nice group of friends! I love that. Glad you found a truck in the end, that’s funny that your husband thought the other one was black when it wasn’t! I also love the notebook idea. My husband is not much of a writer so I don’t think he’d be into that!

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