Elizabeth turns 14!

Last Saturday Elizabeth turned 14!!

I’m not sure why, but 14 seems so much older than 13?!?

We celebrated her all week long.

We first had a family party where everyone came over for pizza and fun board games.

We had lots of laughs together celebrating our girl turn 14!

My aunt and uncle gave Elizabeth all of these balloons filled with different amounts of money! Such a great idea!

We celebrated just us 4 before school the morning before her actual birthday because we knew Saturday would be such a hectic day for us!

We surprised her with a new phone and a sweatshirt she’s been wanting, so she was a happy girl!

Friday night we hosted her friend party. Elizabeth is OBSESSED with the tv show, The Office, and that was the theme she wanted.

So that is exactly what I did! If you haven’t watched The Office, you might not understand some of these references and pictures, but Elizabeth loved it and that’s all that matters to this momma!

And every girl got sent home with their very own Dundie Award!

The girls all ended up spending the night. Not sure what time they went to bed, but they had fun playing games, watching movies, and just being teenagers!

The next morning (Elizabeth’s actual birthday), we had our traditional numbered pancakes for breakfast. I was proud of myself for how well I did on the 4!

We sent her friends home, ate a great lunch together, and then headed to St. Louis for her first volleyball tournament the next day.

I am so proud to be Elizabeth’s mom and love watching her grow up!

Hope y’all have a great Thursday!

5 thoughts on “Elizabeth turns 14!

  1. What a fun week of celebrations. I love her Office themed party; even if I don’t get many of the references.

  2. Happy birthday to Liz!!!!! LOVE her themed party! I have the same “Schrute Farms” sweatshirt, just in a different color, and I have had so many people ask me if it was our farm or what it meant, LOL!

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