Weekend Recap

Weekend Recap

This weekend was centered around family and I loved every minute of it!

Friday after school we all came home and ate an after school snack and then headed straight to Doniphan for my dad’s annual birthday party bonfire.  We already celebrated with our immediate family last weekend, but my mom always hosts a bonfire for all my aunts and uncles to come to as well.  As usual, it was a great evening!  I was able to see some of my aunts and uncles from Doniphan that I haven’t seen in a while.  We ate chili, had cupcakes, and finished the evening with smores.  We left a little earlier than normal since youth season started the next morning and Chris and Liz would be getting up early for that.

My sister, Julie, and I with dad
Papa Tim with all his grandkids:  Tyler (12), Emily (8), Liz (9), and Zach (8)



On Saturday morning, Chris and Elizabeth left the house at 5:00 to head to Cape to go deer hunting.  It was the start of youth season and Elizabeth has been looking forward to this weekend for a long time.  Emily is old enough to hunt also, but she still isn’t too interested in it and stayed home with me.

Liz and Daddy ready for youth season

After I took their picture and wished them luck, I went back to bed for a few hours.  Emily and I woke up around 8:00 and had a pretty lazy Saturday morning.  I caught up on my Grey’s Anatomy and graded a few papers.  She played outside for two hours with Blair, our neighbor and her BFF.  They are the exact same age and the best of friends.  We then went to the library and got a few new books.  I usually read 3 or 4 books every month and I plan to do a book review at the end of each month starting in November.  I am nosey and like to know what other people are reading, so I thought I would share some of the books I have read with you. Be looking for that post in the future!

Emily and I decided to go up to Cape and meet Chris and Elizabeth at the farm.  It is unseasonably warm right now for the end of October (75 degrees) and they didn’t have any luck hunting in the a.m.  We got up to Cape around 2:00 and enjoyed the afternoon riding the Ranger and checking out deer scrapes and rubs.


Liz was walking through the woods and got clobbered in the head with a hickory nut.  She immediately had a huge knot and there were lots of tears shed.  It broke my heart for her and I wish I could’ve taken her place!

Chris and Elizabeth were headed back into the deer woods that evening, so Emily and I decided to go shopping.  I was on the search for some black flats that I could wear with my slacks at school and I also had Super Cash to use at Old Navy.  I found some really good deals and some cheap flats at Payless, so it was a successful trip! Shopping with Emily is always an adventure.  She got a “fluff” ball at Justice with her chore money, so she was a happy girl.

We then met Chris and Elizabeth in Cape and ate supper together at Logan’s Roadhouse.

After we ate supper we headed back to Dexter.  It was a great Saturday together!

Sunday was a very low key day and was pretty much a repeat of Saturday.  Chris and Elizabeth got up early and went hunting again and Emily and I slept in.



I missed two days of work last week because Emily had a stomach bug and was throwing up, so I had TONS of papers to grade and get caught up on.  I seriously felt like I graded for 3 hours straight.  I was able to get it all done and recorded in the grade book, so I felt productive!  I took advantage of the beautiful weather and sat on my back deck to grade papers.  Our backyard over looks a 10 acre lake with ducks and geese in it. We love to sit outside and enjoy the view- it is so peaceful.

Chris and Elizabeth got back to Dexter around 1:00.  They saw a few deer this morning and actually had a “GIANT” buck right in front of them, but Elizabeth was too scared to shoot at it.  Chris was disappointed she let it pass, but I told him that’s what happens when you are dealing with girls.  HA!  She is too kind hearted and couldn’t bring herself to pulling the trigger.  That afternoon we went and got groceries together, made last minute changes to our Halloween costumes, and played outside.  Our evening consisted of lots of snuggling on the couch and watching TV (football), finishing up laundry, and reading/catching up on homework.

I have set a goal that every Sunday I want to take a family selfie in honor of #selfieSunday.  I plan to take these every Sunday before we leave for church, but since we skipped church this Sunday because of youth season, I had to wait until mid afternoon to get a pic.

I think it will be neat to look back at each week and see how much the girls grow and watch as the seasons change.  So I am wrapping up the weekend recap and leaving you with our selfie for this Sunday.  Emily was in charge of clicking the remote to take the picture so I had a lot of goofy pics and not very many where we are all looking at the camera.  Oh, well, that’s life and what makes it interesting!  I hope you all have a great week!

Crazy it’s almost November and I’m wearing shorts! I told Emily to hide the remote and she insisted her hand needed to be behind her back to hide it.


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  1. Love this ! Even though our times together are rare, this way I can keep up with the girls! Love & blessings!

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