Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!  Hope you and your family had a great and safe evening together.  We always love Halloween at our house.

The girls headed to school this morning 

Right after school we got the girls dressed in their costumes.  It is always a fun time getting two girls dressed up in about 30 minutes.  Emily has begged and begged for years to be a zombie.  I have never let her because I lean more to the “cutesy” and non-scary costumes.  However, this year she finally wore me down and I let her be a zombie girl.  She loved it!  She knew exactly what she wanted her outfit and make-up to look like.  I think it turned out pretty cute (for a zombie!)

Emily- My Zombie Girl 

Liz and her friend, Kate, decided to dress up together and be emojis.  We met together one evening last week and made the costumes.  We simply let the girls paint the emoji face on the yellow shirt and then made the tutu as well.  It was actually pretty easy to make and only took about an hour!

Liz- Cute Sunglasses Emoji 

After the girls were dressed and ready to go, we headed to Nana and Papa Bolin’s house. They had a bag full of candy waiting for the girls!


Next up was to head back into the neighborhood.  Every Halloween we go to our friends, The Nichols’, house and celebrate Halloween with them.  They both teach with us here at Dexter and also live just a few houses down the street.  A few families from the neighborhood meet at their house before trick or treating and enjoy a meal together. This year we had chili, hot dogs, and rotel dip.  This year was also the largest group we have had and the kids had a blast!  Here are a few pics before we headed out to trick or treat.


Just the girls- Loved all the costumes! 


We couldn’t have asked for better weather for trick or treating!  It is always fun to see all the kids dressed up and enjoying the candy and seeing their friends.

Our gang this year!
The dads always hang out near the back



After trick or treating we went back to Rob and Christy’s house for smores and dessert.  With it being a school night we left around 8:30 and came home so the girls could shower and get to bed at a decent time.  Chris and I went through their candy to make sure it was “safe”, which is secret code for taking a few of our favorite pieces. HA!

I am glad we survived and have another Halloween under our belt!

Just for fun here is a look at our Halloween costumes from previous years:

Halloween 2015
Halloween 2014
Halloween 2013 
Halloween 2012
Halloween 2011
Halloween 2010 


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