Show and Tell Tuesday- Top 5 Pictures

Happy Tuesday!  We had another volleyball tri-match last night and won both games!  I am so proud of my girls and how well they are playing.  This will definitely be a fun group of girls to watch as they get older.

Today I am linking up with Andrea for Show and Tell Tuesday.  Today’s topic is to share your top 5 photos of all time.  I couldn’t decide on just 5 pictures, so I am sharing my top 10 pictures.  I LOVE pictures and can’t wait to see everyone else’s in the link-up.  I captioned under every picture explaining why it’s one of my favorites.



This was Emily Grace’s first day home from the NICU and Elizabeth’s first time to meet her.  She was 3 weeks old here.  Elizabeth was in LOVE and thought it was her very own baby doll.


Me and the girls on Emily’s first Sunday to church.  Elizabeth- 17 months old and Emily- 1 month old


My all time favorite picture of Miss Elizabeth Faith.  She was 5 months old in this picture.  Love her blue eyes!


My favorite picture of Emily Grace.  I love how it shows her buck teeth and her curly hair.  She was about 15 months old in this picture.


Favorite sleeping picture of the girls.  They both sucked a paci at the same time!  There were many fights over whose pacifier was whose.  I miss those days!


Chris and I have a lot of pictures together, but this is one of my favorites {minus my bangs}.  This was the summer of 2012.


My passion is teaching and one of my role models is Ron Clark.  This will ALWAYS be one of my favorite pictures because it reminds me to be a better teacher daily and to be a little crazy and have fun with my students.  Like Ron Clark says, ” Be different.  Be bold.  Don’t do things the same way.  Instead of taking the stairs like everyone else, SLIDE!  Go for it and live with no fear!”


Ready to go see Santa Claus.  I have a huge picture of this I put up every Christmas.  I am so blessed with two beautiful girls and I love their matching outfits in this picture.


Favorite picture because it was taken at our favorite place~ Navarre Beach, Florida             This was summer 2014.  Emily was 6 and Elizabeth was 7


My cousin, Amanda, and her husband, Seth, took our family pictures this past summer.  I was in love with every picture, but this is my favorite and the one you will see me use for my blog a lot!

I enjoyed sharing my top 10 pictures with you!  It was SO hard for me to choose which ones to use!

Have a great Tuesday!  I’ll be back tomorrow with my monthly What’s Up Wednesday post!


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