Thursday's Three

Thursday’s Three

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve shared a Thursday’s Three update with y’all.

Life has been busy, but FUN!

Here is what each of the Bolin Bunch has been up to:


  • Emily has been busy CHEERING. She’s the cutest little cheerleader to me! She has spunk and sass and can do all the fun tumbling and stunts. She is fun to watch. They just got done with football cheer and now are moving on to basketball cheer.
  • Emily is loving being an 8th grader and the “top dog” at the school this year. This is also the year that I have her in class and am her math teacher, so it’s been interesting being her teacher/mom. I gave her a tardy in class the other day and she thought that was the rudest thing ever!
  • Emily is obsessed right now with Dance Moms. Any free minute she watches Dance Moms on YouTube and loves all the episodes.


  • Our big high schooler. What a big jump from middle school to high school. She is rocking freshmen year and loving all the freedom that comes with being in high school.
  • She has her first boyfriend and me and Chris don’t know how to feel about it. She says it’s not a big deal and they both can’t drive yet, so it’s not like they are “dating”, but it’s fun to see them together at volleyball games.
  • Elizabeth’s first high school volleyball season is done. She has been fun to watch this year and I hope she continues to love the game.


  • Teaching and being a mom right now has been kicking my butt. With both girls in a different building this year and doing different activities, I feel like I’ve been running all over the place each day. But I enjoy watching my kids do what they love!
  • I am getting closer to 40, but my skin is acting like I’m in high school still. I have had many breakouts lately, so I am headed to the dermatologist soon to see what I need to do to help it. Ugh, hormones are a tricky thing!
  • I am trying to pursue an admin job soon. My goal is to be a principal, preferably an elementary school principal. I passed my principal’s test, so now it’s just a matter of applying at places and hoping for a chance!


  • Chris just got done coaching football for the season. I am so glad he’s done! He’s been so busy and hasn’t been able to watch hardly any of Elizabeth’s volleyball games. I have felt like a single mom lately, so I will be glad he is around and for his help.
  • It’s almost hunting season, so it’s been all things hunting in our house. We go straight from fishing to hunting around here. He had a giant buck on his game camera the other day and had trouble sleeping that night because he kept thinking about that deer!
  • Chris recently sold his boat. I know, right?!?! Such a shocker! But don’t worry, he is having a bigger and better one built and it should be done around Christmas time.

Hope you all are doing well! Can you believe it’s less than 2 months until Christmas. Time flies!

Have a great Thursday!

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  1. Good luck with finding a principal job! Sounds like you are all doing well and definitely keeping busy.

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