Weekend Recap

Weekend Recap

Hi, friends!  What a GREAT weekend and I hope you had a great weekend as well!

Friday night after school the girls and I came home and ate supper and then headed back into town.

Our first stop was the library to get a few new AR books for the upcoming week.


Next stop was Chris’ baseball game.  Chris is the assistant coach for Dexter Middle School’s baseball team and the girls and I try to go to every home game to support him.


We left the baseball game early so we could make it to Malden in time for Elizabeth’s volleyball game.  We didn’t have to be there until 6:00 p.m. because we played the second game, but we still had to leave the baseball game early.

We arrived at Malden in time to watch the 6th grade girls play their game and get ready for our game.  We ended up beating Malden in 2 sets.  All of my girls are getting better every time they play, and that’s all I can ask of them.  It was a great evening!


When we got back to Dexter Friday evening, the girls were happy to see Chris and catch him up on their day.  We watched a little TV together and then headed to bed!


Saturday morning Chris left to work at Teen Challenge and the girls and I were LAZY!  I slept until about 7:45, Emily woke up at 8:30, and Elizabeth slept until 10:30!  She was exhausted from having volleyball 3 nights this week and cheer the other nights!  While Liz slept in, Emily and I hung out in my bed.  She watched Netflix and I read some of my book.  It was a wonderful, relaxing morning!


After Elizabeth woke up, we went into town and ran a few errands.  I had to get my Nini a birthday gift and go to the bank to get our cash out for the month.  I am loving Dave Ramsey’s envelope system!  Emily helped me organize all the cash when we got back from the bank.

Saturday afternoon we cleaned the house up a little bit and showered for the day.  When Chris got home at 4:00 we left and headed to Poplar Bluff.  We were meeting my mom’s side of the family to eat at Colton’s to celebrate my Nini’s 75th birthday!  Her real birthday isn’t until April Fool’s day but we celebrated a week early because everyone was going to be out of town next weekend.

It was a great evening celebrating together.  The food was good and Nini enjoyed all the presents she received.  {P.S. I hope I look half as good as my Nini does when I am 75!}


After Colton’s, Chris and I wanted to go to Menards and look at a few things for our new house.  We wanted to get an idea of prices on counter tops, backsplash, and carpet.  The girls weren’t too thrilled to go to Menards, but they were very well behaved!  I was overwhelmed at all of the choices, but we got a pretty good idea on what we will be able to afford for our new house.

Since the girls were so well behaved, we told them we could make slime when we got back home.  I am not sure why slime is so popular right now, but my girls are obsessed!  They love playing with the stuff and they love trying out all the different recipes.  We waited until we got back to Dexter to get glue and almost EVERY store in Dexter was out of glue!  Wal-Mart, Dollar General, and Dollar Tree were all sold out!  My girls were getting devastated, but Chris was finally able to find some glue at Town and Country.  Apparently everyone else in Dexter is making slime too since glue was so hard to find!

IMG_0711 (1)IMG_0738IMG_0739IMG_0740IMG_0742

The slime recipe we used this time turned out really well!  The girls played with their slime for a while, but then we made them go to bed.

Sunday morning started with pancakes and then Chris and the girls laying back in bed and watching The Lego Movie together.  I’m really jealous that they can lay around and be lazy and still get ready for church on time!


After church we all went our separate ways.  Chris and Elizabeth headed up to the farm at Cape and Emily and I headed to Doniphan to see my dad’s side of the family.

Chris wanted to check out his clover and then set out more corn for the deer.  He also checked his trail cameras, took Elizabeth fishing, and then they rode four-wheelers together.  They ended the evening with going to CiCi’s Pizza to eat supper.  Elizabeth was on Cloud 9 because that is her favorite restaurant!


Emily and I headed to Doniphan to celebrate my Grandad Helms’ turning 90!!!!!  We all met at my Aunt Debbie’s house and had a great afternoon together.  Turning 90 is a HUGE accomplishment and a great reason to celebrate!  It was great to see all of my dad’s side of the family and Emily was especially happy to get to play with her cousin, Presli.

FullSizeRender (58)IMG_0755IMG_0750IMG_0766IMG_0761IMG_0758IMG_0757

After my grandad’s party, we went over to my sister’s house.  Their cat had kittens this week and Emily was begging to see them.  Zach and Emily ended up having a great time together.  They rode four-wheelers, checked out the kittens, checked on the baby calves, and got to hold the neighbor’s new baby goats.  It was a beautiful day to be outside and enjoy all the farm animals!  Emily was in heaven and is already begging her daddy for us to get one of the kittens for our new house!  While they played it was great to visit with Matt and Julie.


Sunday evening we have tried to get some laundry done and are getting things ready for the week ahead.

Leaving you with our #selfieSunday!  I pray you have a blessed week.


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