Thursday's Three

Thursday’s Three

Happy Thursday!  Hope your week is going great.  Did anyone else watch the CMA’s last night?  I cried on more than one occasion.  My favorite part was at the beginning of the show the tribute to Randy Travis.  It was such a sweet moment.  I also loved Tim McGraw singing Humble and Kind, Alan Jackson and George Strait’s performance, and Brad and Carrie did a great job hosting as always.  I don’t know about you, but I will be glad to see Friday tomorrow.

Here are the three things I am loving this week:


This summer Chris bought us a mini portable speaker to use around the pool when we were swimming.  We used it all the time and loved being able to hear our favorite tunes while swimming.  <Not sure how much our neighbors loved it, though!  HA>  Every morning when I get ready for school I always listen to music or listen to an online sermon.  I usually just use my phone with the volume all the way up.  It wasn’t until a few weeks ago that I had an “ah-ha” moment and started using this portable speaker to listen to my music and/or sermons in the morning and I will have to say I am in love!  I love this speaker because it is cheap, really easy to use, connects instantly to my Bluetooth on my phone, has a very clear sound, and can get really loud.  To find the speaker, click here.

P.S.  I’m afraid I have created a monster with Elizabeth Faith because she will now sneak it into her bathroom and listen to her kidzbop on it while she showers.  She BLARES it and sings her little heart out.




I jumped on the dermaplaning bandwagon earlier this year.  I remember seeing it on The Bachelor when Michelle Money told the whole nation that she shaves her face.  At the time I didn’t think too much of it and actually thought it was weird, but then last year I remember seeing a few friends post on Facebook about it again and I was intrigued.  I thought I would go ahead and try it just to see what it was like, and I instantly fell in love.  I have very strong opinions about facial hair and think that women should always take care of their unwanted hairs and have smooth and silky skin.  Dermaplaning leaves my face so smooth and makes me feel more confident without the unwanted peach fuzz that we all hate.  I usually dermaplane every few weeks.  This is the razor that I have found that works best.  Also, you can watch Michelle Money’s tutorial on how to dermaplane here.




Since my girls are only 16 months apart, I have always enjoyed dressing them alike.  Every Sunday you could find them in matching dresses and usually for every special occasion I would dress them alike.  Now that they are 8 and 9, it is very rare that they will let old mom dress them in the same outfit.  Every once in a while, I can get away with it on Sundays for church, but they will ALWAYS still let me dress them alike for Christmas.  To be more specific, I always find them matching Christmas pj’s, and it’s something they look forward to every year.  I can’t believe it’s already time to start thinking about Christmas, but I have been on the search for a few weeks now for the perfect pair of jammies.  Right now I am loving these and think I will go with them, I am just worried about the sizing because they only go up to a size 8.  Both of my girls are TINY for their age and Liz is 9 but can still wear most size 8 things, so I am thinking I will be able to get away with ordering her a size 8 and Emily a size 7.  An added bonus is that they come with matching pj’s for their American Girl dolls.  Not sure exactly what I will do, but I am definitely loving these pajamas.



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