Scarf Exchange Party

Friday night I hosted my first ever scarf exchange party.  I have always wanted to do one ever since I saw the idea on Mix and Match Mama’s blog.  If you don’t follow her blog, you totally should, she is great.  I also consider her famous since she is the sister of Sean Lowe, former Bachelor!  Find her blog here.

Everyone is SO busy these days and it’s hard to find a great time to get together.  I decided to just set a date and invite a few of my close girlfriends and those that could come, great! I invited a total of 14 ladies and 8 were able to show up.  I was so thankful they took the time out of their busy schedules to enjoy a ladies night out!

I kept the party really simple and hosted it at my house.  We started the evening snacking and visiting.  I truly believe a day without laughter is a day wasted, and we definitely did not waste Friday night!  We laughed and laughed while sharing stories with each other.  All of us are teachers and our jobs are very stressful at times.  Right now our school district is going through a situation that adds even more stress and turmoil, so it was nice to have a night to forget about all those troubles and just laugh with each other.

After eating, we exchanged our scarves.  This is basically like the White Elephant game you hear people playing at Christmas time and the rules were quite simple.

  1. Each lady brought a scarf wrapped in a bag.
  2. We each randomly drew a number off little strips of paper.  (I was #6.)
  3. The #1 girls goes first and selects a bag.  Then the #2 girl can either steal the scarf off the #1 girl or select a bag of her own.  If she steals #1’s scarf, #1 girl goes and chooses another bag.  Once a scarf has been stolen twice, it is frozen and can no longer be stolen.
  4. After the last lady picks her scarf, #1 girl has a chance to swap a scarf with one person or keep her original scarf.  Then it’s over and everyone keeps their scarf they have.

Since we are talking scarves, here a few of my favorites and some that were brought last night.


This was the scarf that I brought.  I fell in love with it instantly when I saw it online.  I think I liked the brighter aqua color with the other fall colors.  Find it here.


My friend, Casey, brought this scarf.  It was from a local boutique here at Dexter, but you can find the same one here.  This was the perfect scarf because our school colors are black and red, so this can be worn at any sporting event this winter.

We had quite a few scarves from another local boutique here in Dexter called The Corner Cottage.  There was an orange one from there that I loved and I’m probably going to go look for today.

All of us with our pretty new scarves

It was a great evening and I will definitely be hosting another scarf exchange party next year.  I think I might even let my girls do an ornament exchange party with their friends closer to Christmas time.  Love things like this that are simple, but create such great memories!

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