What's Up Wednesday?

What’s Up Wednesday

In the blogging world, a famous blog post for Wednesday is called What’s Up Wednesday.  It’s totally random and yet kind of fun too :).
It is basically just a list of questions that you answer and I plan to do this on the second Wednesday of each month.
So, what’s up with my Wednesday?  Here you go…

What I’m loving:ritz-crackers-fudge-covered-59575

OMG!  I love these crackers.  They only come out this time of year, and I was pleasantly surprised when I saw them in the grocery store the other day!  I picked up a box (or two) to enjoy.  I also may or may not have eaten a whole box within a day- (I did have Emily’s help though so I don’t feel as bad.)  Go and buy yourself a box, they are so yummy!

What we’ve been up to: 

Honestly, not a whole lot.  It is deer season right now, so Chris has been hunting every chance he gets.  Between that, school, foster classes, and the girls’ activities, we stay pretty busy.

What I’m reminiscing about:  


This time last month we were in Waco, TX visiting the Silos.  We went down for Chip and Jo’s second annual Silobration on October 7.  We left on a Thursday after school and stayed until the following Monday.  We were out of school that Monday for Columbus Day, so it was an excellent time to get away.  I definitely checked an item off my bucket list by going and visiting Magnolia Market.  We spent all day Friday in Waco at the Silos enjoying the bakery, lawn games, food trucks, and store.  We then drove around Waco and found the Magnolia House (their bed and breakfast) and Harp Design Co. (where Clint makes all the tables for Jo).  It was truly a beautiful place to go and visit and I could’ve bought one of everything from Jo’s store!  She has such an amazing talent.  The next day we spent all day in Dallas sightseeing.  The main thing we did in Dallas was took the girls to the Dallas World Aquarium.  The girls loved it and  I was thankful it was an inside aquarium with air condition on a hot Texas day!  On Sunday, we made Emily’s dream about Texas come true.  Her one request on this trip was to ride a horse in Texas so we went on an hour and half horse trail ride through a huge ranch in Texas.  It was such an unforgettable experience and I will definitely always remember how excited the girls got riding horses in Texas.  Even though this trip was quick I was so thankful for the time spent together as a family.

What I’m dreading: 

I have my annual OB/GYN appointment next Wednesday.  Enough said.

What I’m working on:  


I’m working on my homework for our foster classes.  Each week we have little stories to read and information to fill out in our binders.

What I’m excited about:


THANKSGIVING! I can’t wait for a few days off of school and time to be together with family and friends and eat all the food I want!

What I’m watching:


Chris and I really enjoy the new series on NBC, “This is Us”.  We were sad when it wasn’t on last night because of the election!  It is a show about the Big 3 (triplets Kevin, Kate, and Randall) and their journey through life.

What I’m reading:


Currently I am reading Nicholas Sparks’ new book, Two by Two.  I enjoy reading and usually read about 4 books a month.  I am a true die hard Nicholas Sparks fan and a hopeless romantic.  I am half way through the book and excited about how it <hopefully> is going to turn out.

What I’m listening to: 


My girls and I are in LOVE with Alessia Cara’s new song, “Scars to your Beautiful’.  It has such a great message and a catchy beat.  Listen to it here.

What I’m doing this weekend: 

Friday night is our Moonlight Madness here in Dexter.  This is where most stores stay open late (usually until about 9:00 p.m.) and run great sales, so it’s a good time to get started on Christmas shopping.  I haven’t totally decided if I am going yet or not.  I would like to go to a few stores and just see what deals they have.  Besides Moonlight Madness, there isn’t a whole lot planned.  Chris will be in the deer woods most of the weekend, so I won’t see him a whole lot. We’ve been on the go so much lately so I need to catch up on laundry and cleaning my house.   I am letting each girl have a friend over to play on Saturday so they are occupied and I can get a few things around the house accomplished.

What I’m looking forward to next month:

Elizabeth’s birthday (she turns 10?!?!?!?!?!) and CHRISTMAS!


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