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Year of Selfies

Today I have been blogging for ONE year!  I can’t believe it!  ONE whole year!!!

I have so many people ask me all the time why I blog.  My answer is simple; it’s my online scrapbook and a place where I can look back at how our every day life was.  It is also a place my girls can look at when they are older to see memories from their childhood.

I don’t apologize for blogging.  Sometimes I take criticism from people for sharing too much and there have been comments made about people saying I think I am “above everyone else” is why I blog.  Those comments hurt, but I just shrug them off and don’t let it get to me.  I blog for myself and to have a place where I can go to just be “me”.  I also tell those people if you don’t like it, don’t read it.

Blogging is a great way to write down all of my thoughts and feelings and share a little of our life with my family and friends.  I’m thankful for all of you that continue to encourage me with my blog and support me by reading it every time I post.  I’ve also made friends from all around the U.S. through blogging!

ANYWAYS, enough of that talk.  I thought it would be cool to share a blog post today that has all of our #selfieSundays in it from the past year.  I have faithfully made my family endure a selfie every Sunday for the past 52 weeks {except a few weeks here and there}.

It is so fun to look back on and see how much the girls have changed.  I plan to do these #selfieSundays until the girls graduate and move out of the house.  If they will let me, I will take them even when they are grown and have families of their own if they are with me and Chris on a Sunday.  LOL

Enjoy!  {I made sure these were in order of how they were taken}


IMG 0109


IMG 0649

IMG_0783IMG_0095FullSizeRender (61)IMG_0308 (1)IMG_0425 (1)IMG_0487 (1)IMG_0613IMG_0813IMG_0930IMG_1246

IMG 1459


IMG 1702

IMG 2586

IMG 2486

IMG 2713

IMG 4040

IMG 4038

IMG 4039



IMG 4102

SO many memories with these pictures.  Chris says I should’ve done a post of all the outtakes, because those are better.  I promise we look like we have our act together in these selfies, but our life is crazy and blessed!  I’m so thankful for my family.


7 thoughts on “Year of Selfies

  1. I LOVE THE PICTURES, and I love this blog so much! Thanks for sharing about your precious family with all of us. We are grateful for you & your friendship!! Happy anniversary, friend!

  2. I love the Self Sundays! What a fun post and a fun way to look back over the year. I am so grateful and thankful to have met you through blogging. I am so grateful for your friendship!

  3. There will always be nay sayers, I have them too but you know what I totally agree, blogging is like a scrapbook and full of blessings I didn’t event know were there!

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