A Day in the Life

Day in the Life…

Occasionally I am going to do a “Day in the Life” post.  This is more for my benefit to look back on and remember our crazy, busy life!  I decided yesterday would be the day I took pictures to share with y’all, so here is a sneak into my Tuesday:

5:30– Rise and shine! Shower, make-up, and get dressed for the day. (Sorry, no pics)

6:00– House chores- I start my day with taking Happy out (our dog) and making sure she has food and water.  Next is making the bed and straightening up the bathroom.  Then, I start a load of laundry and fold what was left in the dryer from the night before.  I also unload the dishwasher and lay out meat for supper that night.

6:30– I take about 30 minutes every morning and have my quiet Bible time.  Right now I am doing a bible study at my church called Armor of God by Priscilla Shirer and I am loving it!  We are only on week 5, but I have already learned so much about the devil’s plan to distract you from God’s blessings in life and how to put on the full armor of God to prevent these attacks.


During this time I am also making breakfast for the girls.  I usually like to fix them muffins, cinnamon rolls, or pancakes in the morning. This particular morning I had the oven pre-heating and put cinnamon rolls in to cook during my bible study time.


7:00– Cinnamon rolls done and girls up and ready!  The girls wake up on their own around 6:45 every morning and get dressed for school and make their beds.  Sometimes I have to go and make sure they heard their alarm (Emily Grace mostly), but they are pretty good at getting up and around.   We eat breakfast together at the snack bar and talk about the day’s events.  After breakfast, I clean up the kitchen while the girls go and brush their teeth and get their backpacks and lunches ready for school. I also braid lots and lots of hair!  My girls have long hair and I recently learned to french braid, so I usually braid both girls’ hair every morning.  This morning only Emily wanted her hair braided.  Liz had worn her hair braided to bed after her shower the night before, so it was really curly and she wanted to leave it down.  I let both girls leave their hair down once a week, so this was Liz’s day that she chose.


7:20– Girls go outside and play while I gather my stuff up for school (teacher bag, my lunch, purse, etc.).  I also make sure the house is straightened up and looks neat (OCD, I know!)  I haven’t talked about Chris much yet, but he is here and doing his own thing to get ready for school.  He seriously can get ready in about 5 minutes flat after his shower.


7:30– Leave the house and head to school.  Both girls go to the same elementary school this year, so Chris and I take turns taking them to school. This week it is my turn to drop them off.


7:45– At my school and ready to prepare for the day.  I usually put grades into the computer and have kids come into my room asking for help on homework from the night before.  I also make sure I have all my papers ready for the day.

8:15-10:50– I teach 8th grade math all day long.  It is a mixture of algebra, number system, linear equations, and geometry.  Right now we are working on scientific notation and how to add/subtract and multiply/divide with scientific notation.  Fun stuff!

10:50-11:20– Finally lunch!  I eat first lunch shift and usually spend this time in my class grading more papers or getting plans ready for next week.


11:25-12:11– I teach one more hour of 8th grade math before I have my planning period.  I love this class because I just had my lunch break and know my long planning period is after them, so my patience level is high!

12:11-1:02– My planning period.  During this time I grade papers, copy papers, put grades into gradebook, plan lessons for the next week, etc.  Basically whatever needs to be done at that specific time.  I am sometimes way ahead with planning and grading, and sometimes I have LOTS to do.  Chris and I work in the SAME building and have the SAME planning period!  How crazy is that?!?!?!  I really think I need to do a post about how to survive marriage when you work together and have the EXACT schedule.  HA! Chris’ lunch runs into his planning period so he has an extra long break.  He usually goes home to eat lunch and then comes back early and hangs out with me in my classroom. He also usually brings me an afternoon Dr. Pepper and snack.  He spoils me rotten!

1:02-3:05– 2 more hours of teaching 8th grade math and then a 20 minute advisory class.  This is a study hall type class where kids get their homework done and read.  I love this time because I don’t have to teach and it helps me get everything ready for the next day!

3:06– Girls walk over from their school to my classroom every day. I am always so happy to see their smiling faces and hear all about their day!

3:06-4:00– Every Tuesday we have meetings after school.  During this time I make girls get all of their homework finished and feed them an after school snack.

4:15– Today the girls and I all had haircut appointments.  It was just for our 8 week trim, but still took about 45 minutes to get through all 3 of us!  In this picture it’s hard to tell who is who!  Liz is on the left and Emily is on the right.  We love Indigo Salon and Mrs. Heather!  She’s the best.

5:10– I had to go and get gas and then ran through McDonald’s drive thru.  I knew we only had about 20 minutes at home and supper had to be quick tonight.  McDonald’s was for the girls and Chris and I ate leftover chicken stir fry from the night before.

5:35– Chris and I are taking foster parenting classes at Malden.  They are every Tuesday night from 6:00-9:00 p.m., so we have to leave our house by 5:40 and get the girls where they belong and then to our class.  Liz goes to cheer class from 6:00-8:00 and then home with my friend Cassie afterwards.  Emily rides to Malden with us and a lady from our old church watches her.  She gets extra spoiled without big sister there and loves her Janiece!

6:00-9:00– Foster parent classes for me and Chris.  Everything is confidential with what we discuss/go over in class, but I did take a pic of our name tags and me and Chris in the car afterwards.  Love this man!  Look for a blog post soon about our decision to take foster parent classes.

9:00– Pick girls up from Janiece and Cassie and head straight home.  Showers, bed time snacks, make sure homework is finished, lay out clothes for tomorrow, brush teeth and bedtime prayers.  Finally, Chris and I tuck the girls in together for the night.

9:30– Bed time snack for me!  I was finally able to sit down for a few minutes and have a late night snack.  Lately I have been in the habit of eating a bowl of cereal right before bed every night.  Right now I am on a Lucky Charms kick.


10:00– I get ready for bed.  Wash my face, take out contacts, brush my teeth, and lay out clothes for tomorrow.  This is usually the time that Chris and I finally have time to catch up on our day with each other, watch TV, and cuddle.  Tonight was the first NBA basketball games and Chris is a sports fanatic, so that is what we watched while cuddling on the couch.  I get on my phone and catch up on my social media for the day during this time as well.

10:30-11:00– Lights out and bed time.

Hope you enjoyed the play by play of my day!  It was a busy one.

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