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Weekend Recap

What a wonderful weekend!

Friday Chris and I got out of school at noon.  The girls were at Nana’s so we went and picked them up and headed straight home.  The girls played outside with the neighbor kids and Chris cleaned out his truck and tool box, so I was actually able to squeeze in about an hour long nap!  Parent/Teacher Conferences had left me exhausted!

That afternoon we got cleaned up and left to head to Van Buren around 3:30.  We went up and celebrated my dad’s 57th birthday, which you can read about in my previous blog post here.

On Saturday Chris got up early and went hunting.  The girls and I slept in a little bit (8:00 is sleeping in anymore), and then did a few chores around the house.  Around noon we went up and met Chris at the farm in Cape Girardeau, MO.  We didn’t really have anything planned, it was just too pretty of a day to sit inside!

We ended up having a great day together.  I helped Chris hang a new ladder stand, we checked out his food plots and moved his trail camera to a new location.  Elizabeth got a new rifle to use for youth season next weekend, so she sighted that in and shot it a few times.  Emily tried to shoot it, but was still a little too small to hold the gun by herself.  Chris did let her shoot it a few times with his help.  After that we rode the four wheeler and the Ranger around and enjoyed the nice weather.

Sunday we got up pretty early and headed to Eminence, MO to visit Chris’ grandma Bolin.  This is about an hour and a half drive from Dexter.  We arrived a little before noon and visited for a few hours.  Chris’ cousin, Heather, lives right next door to Grandma Joyce, so we were able to see her two girls, Dawn and Molly, also.  My girls love playing with them!  They are the only great-grandkids Grandma Joyce has and play so well together.

Grandma Joyce with her four great granddaughters Dawn (11), Liz (9), Emily (8), & Molly (4)

After we visited with Grandma Joyce and cousins, we headed to Rocky Falls.  We have never taken the girls and were excited to go and check it out!  We were blessed with another beautiful October day, so we were thankful for the chance to enjoy it and be outside together.  Rocky Falls is a waterfall that pours into a large swimming hole and was only about 10 minutes from Grandma Joyce’s house in Eminence.

We were very impressed with how beautiful this place was!   It had picnic tables, public restrooms, and hiking trails all throughout it.  We hiked all the way to the top of the rocks and then all around the actual waterfall.   The girls loved it!  Next time we want to go back when it is warmer so the girls can swim in the water.

This weekend went by too quickly!  I love spontaneous family trips together and any opportunity to enjoy the weather and be outside.  Now to catch up on all the housework and papers that need to be graded!

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