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Celebrating Dad!

Last night my family and I celebrated my dad’s 57th birthday!  His actual birthday was on Thursday, October 20, but Chris and I had Parent/Teacher conferences until 7:00, so we had to wait to celebrate on Friday.

My dad chose where he wanted to eat and this year he wanted to go to RedBeards. This is a small seafood restaurant in Van Buren, MO, which is about an hour drive from our hometown of Dexter.

Chris and I decided to go up early and drive through Big Springs.  Big Springs is a natural spring and a beautiful place full of wildlife and walking trails.  The leaves are finally starting to change colors, so it was a beautiful drive!  We drove through Big Springs and also went down and looked at the river.  The girls loved it!

Next we drove out to RedBeards.  Pulling up to the restaurant I was a little leerie on my dad’s choice.   It was literally a metal building and Emily Grace quickly asked why we were going to eat dinner in a barn. However, we were pleasantly surprised and the food was really good and the service was even better!  We would definitely go back.

We had a great evening of laughing and spending time together.  When I was a little girl my dad had a brain tumor and we didn’t even know if he’d make it.  But, here we are 29 years later celebrating another year with him and for that I am grateful!

Dad’s grandkids enjoying their dinner together!
Some of the deer we saw at Big Springs

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