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Adventure Tuesday

Happy Tuesday!  Last week our Adventure Tuesday actually had to happen on Thursday because of haircut appointments and college homework.

Anyways, we had a great time together as a family.  For our adventure we headed 2 hours away to the big town of Eminence, MO.  It’s not really that big, it only has a population of about 600 people.

Our first stop was the new state park opened last July called Echo Bluff State Park.  My sister and her family had went there on Memorial Day and said it was great, so we knew we wanted it to be one of our adventures for this summer.


This place was BEAUTIFUL!  There was a huge lodge that had a restaurant in it that you could eat out.  There were also cabins you could rent out and stay in.  Numerous campsites, a playground, and lots of different trails where you could hike throughout the property.  There is a creek that runs through it for fishing and swimming as well.

We spent about 4 hours here playing and swimming in the water.  Chris brought his fishing pole and of course caught a fish!  Imagine that!  After we swam we let the girls play on the playground for a while to dry off.  We definitely have plans to go back and hike a few of the trails when it is a little cooler weather.

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After we left Echo Bluff, we decided to stop at Round Spring also.  I wasn’t very impressed with it, but it was nice to walk around the trail and see something new.  It kind of reminded me of the Blue Hole, but not as pretty.


To make our trip even better, Chris’s Grandma Bolin lives in Eminence so we were able to stop at her house on our way home and visit with her for a while.

It was another successful adventure day for us last week!  Today we aren’t able to go on any adventure because the girls are leaving for church camp this afternoon!  They will be gone until Saturday.  Chris and I are going to be kidless for a few days.  Whatever will we do?!?!?  Don’t worry, we might go on our own adventure somewhere this week!



Have a great Tuesday!


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