Weekend Recap

Weekend Recap

Hi, friends! Happy Monday! Hope your weekend was great.

Linking up with Johannah and Heather and sharing all about mine. It was a great one!

Friday right after school my cousin Madi came and got the girls from me. Chris was at football practice and then went fishing with my brother in-law, so I went shopping all by myself!

It was glorious! A little retail therapy is exactly what I needed after a horrible week!

When I got home from shopping, I checked on the girls with Madi and she sent this picture saying they were already fast asleep and had been really good.

Chris and I both got home late and we tried to watch a movie together but we were passed out by 10:00!

Saturday morning Chris left super early to go fishing again with my brother in-law, Matthew. They actually fished in their first tournament ever!

I left the house around 8 and went and picked the girls up from my cousin and did grocery pick-up too.

Came back home, unloaded the groceries, and made the girls get ready for their volleyball clinic. They both had a Day with the Bearcats volleyball event they attended from 10:00-12:00.

They are split in their volleyball divisions this year, so Emily was at the MS and Liz was at the HS. I got some pictures of Emily that my friend, Kacey, sent me. But no pics of Liz.

Emily was excited she found her Darcie!

While the girls were at volleyball, I worked in my classroom the whole time.

I still didn’t get everything done, but did get a lot of things checked off my to-do list!

After volleyball we went home, ate lunch, and showered.

Then headed straight to Doniphan.

That evening my sister hosted a birthday party for me, my mom, and cousin, Haley.

Before everyone arrived at the party, I took Emily and Zach down to the boat dock to see Chris and Matt weigh in their fish. They fished from 7:00 in the morning until 5:00 p.m.!

They didn’t place, but didn’t embarrass themselves either for their first tournament. They finished around 13th place out of 24 boats, so pretty good in my opinion!

At the weigh in, I kept thinking about how much my dad would’ve liked to see them fishing in that tournament and weighing in their fish. He LOVED for mom to take him down to all the weigh-ins for the tournaments held at Doniphan.

Chris and Matt would’ve made dad proud!

Our birthday party was so much fun that evening! My sister really outdid herself with it. We had fish, we played Minute to Win It games, and laughed the night away.

I am blessed with such a great family!

(I stole some pics from my Nini and sister since I didn’t take many that evening.)

Sunday we had a major cleaning party at our house. Housework had been put on the back burner with how busy everything has been, so we tackled all the chores!

Sunday evening the girls had volleyball practice for their city league teams and I worked in my classroom again.

Emily had piano/voice after volleyball and I graded papers in the car while I waited on her.

Leaving you with our #selfieSunday. I pray you have a blessed week!


13 thoughts on “Weekend Recap

  1. You guys had a busy weekend! The birthday party looks like it was a great time. Glad you got some shopping time for yourself and that the house was able to get cleaned Sunday. Isn’t it the best feeling when the house is in order?! Happy Monday, Jen!

  2. Retail therapy is the best and I just love that I almost always get to go shopping alone now that my boys are older. I love them and all but there is nothing quite like walking around in silence to really see what’s around..

  3. We cleaned sunday afternoon as a family and heading into the week I felt so much better! So glad you had a great birthday party! Happy Birthday to you Jen!

  4. I not so secretly love when my kids have sports or practices at our school so I can sneak off to my classroom and try to get work done too. I never feel like I am 100% ready. I love the retail therapy. That is exactly what you needed. What a fun party. I hope you have a great week this week my friend!

  5. Is there anything better than retail therapy?? There are so many days where I will literally head out to target or the mall (grabbing a Starbucks before hand) and just walking around the stores. We don’t have many stores left at the mall so I generally go to the bookstore in the mall or the clothing section in target and just look around while I sip away on my coffee. I think it’s the quiet time I have to myself that I need more than the shopping itself. On another topic … have you ever noticed that when you do the walmart pick-up that they will swap out some products that you’d rather they NOT swap out? For example I was told by a friend that she had ordered the FAMILY size version of Oreos but they were out of stock for some insane reason and gave my the walmart brand chocolate sandwich cookies instead. She was less than pleased because she was going to be making a birthday party dessert and OREOS were needed! lol!

    1. There is a way to set it to where they WONT substitute certain items. If they are out of stock, then you just don’t get it though..
      I don’t mind the substitutions on most things and it’s actually worked out in my favorite where I’ve gotten the value size of stuff for regular size price. And it doesn’t happen very often when they do substitutions. But it is a little annoying!

      1. Maybe I should try it and see what happens. I don’t mind shopping and actually kind of like it because it gives me the opportunity to try new things from time to time. Now I would be super pumped if I got the value size product for the price of the regular size! 🙂
        Sounds like a lot of people who are super busy are going to benefit from this service!!

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